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Federal State's Order of Merit for Centre's Co-director Claus Leggewie


Claus Leggewie was awarded the Order of Merit of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) by Prime Minister Hannelore Kraft. In a ceremony held at the Museum ‘Kunstpalast’ in Düsseldorf, the Prime Minister honored Leggewie as ‘one of the most prestigious intellectual heads of our state and one of our most important thinkers’. This year’s order has been received by 26 citizens as an outstanding award from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia to pay tribute to their long-term commitment and achievements.

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Applications open for CEU Summer University: Constitution-Building in Africa


The Central European University (CEU) Summer University is now accepting applications for its 2017 course 'Constitution-building in Africa'. The innovative research course with international renowned experts intends to tackle complex societal, political and legal problems in constitution-building from an interdisciplinary perspective, informed by field experience. Organized in cooperation with International IDEA, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung and Centre for Global Cooperation Research, the course runs from 3–14 July at the CEU in Budapest, Hungary. Applications are due by 14 February 2017.

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Painful Contrasts and a Sense of Urgency: Outlook on Transnational Cooperation at the Turn of the Year


At the end of 2016 observers of international relations are provided with an almost excruciating scene. On the one side transnational political cooperation faced a considerable backlash. Otherwise negotiation processes over years on global issues are now on the cusp to implementation into national legislation. In the midst of this somewhat patchy situation a new round of the G20 process just took-off this month.

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Competing Narratives: Convention March 2017 in Berlin will deal with the 'Crisis of Liberal Narratives'


During a two days public convention 'Competing Narratives: On the Global Crisis of Liberal Narratives', which will take place 24 and 25 March 2017 in Berlin, about 200 participants, among them international activists, artists and scholars, will discuss what Frank Gadinger labeled a 'contest of narratives' with regard to liberal vs illiberal narratives, dealing with overarching themes such as human rights, freedom of expression, sexual orientation, or the refugee crisis and migration. The Centre is a cooperating partner of this event.

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Mission Statement

The Käte Hamburger Kolleg / Centre for Global Cooperation Research seeks to contribute towards a better understanding of the possibilities and limits of transboundary cooperation. By building a learning community, researchers from different disciplines and world regions develop an innovative framework for contemporary cooperation research that enables the exploration of new options for global public policy. We aim to become a crucial hub for this emerging branch of research. We aim to understand the role of transboundary cooperation as an essential part of public policy addressing global challenges.

Käte Hamburger Kolleg / Centre for Global Cooperation Research is an interdisciplinary research institute of the University of Duisburg-Essen. The Centre is the tenth and the last Käte Hamburger Kolleg supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research of Germany.