Prof. Hongming Cheng

Alumni Senior Fellow

Forschungsprojekt am Kolleg

Understanding Transnational Organised Crime and Law between the EU and China

In the context of globalization, transnational criminal networks, which are far more complex and pervasive, are creating significant challenges for national, local and international authorities trying to control them. Despite the omnipresence of transnational criminal organisations between the EU and China, the concept and local knowledge of transnational organised crime (TOC) remains contested and there is significant disagreement about what TOC is and what it is not. Consequently, achieving a globalised knowledge of TOC and cross-jurisdictional harmony becomes an issue of critical importance for a world of increased interdependence and for the EU’s role. This project will examine offences criminalising the participation in transnational criminal organisations between the EU and China (including mainland China, Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR and Taiwan) under domestic and international laws. The aim of the project is to assess the origins, adequacy and efficiency of the existing provisions under domestic and international laws, and develop recommendations for more effective prevention and suppression of transnational organised crime (TOC) between the EU and China.


April – September 2014