Projekte Polycentric Governance

Projekte Polycentric Governance

Polycentric   Prof. Dr Andreas Thiel

The conceptualization and evaluation of polycentricity of Social-ecological Systems

Polycentric   Dr Micheline van Riemsdijk

Involvement of Public-, Private-, and Civil Society Actors in the Global Compacts on Refugees and Migration

Polycentric   Dr Adam Sandor

Governing the Borderlands: Transnational Security Interventions and their Impacts in Africa

Polycentric   Dr Tamirace Fakhoury

Comparative perspectives on Refugee politics (Beirut/Berlin)

Polycentric   Dr Frank Gadinger, Prof. Dr Jan Aart Scholte

(Dis)Order: Techniques, Power and Legitimacy in Polycentric Governing

Polycentric   Dr Frank Gadinger

Fields, Trajectories and Symbolic Power: Studying Polycentric Governing with Bourdieu

Polycentric   Dr Philip Liste

The Dark Sides of Transnational Cooperation: Tax Avoidance and the Juridification of Global Hierarchies

Polycentric   Dr Philip Liste

New Geographies of Governance: Transnational Law and Political Space in the Making

Polycentric   Dr Frank Gadinger

International Practice Theory

Polycentric   Dr Frank Gadinger

Visuality and World Politics

Polycentric   Dr Maria Koinova

Governing Transit Migration: A Relational Approach to Polycentric Governance

Polycentric   Dr Blayne Haggart, Dr Natasha Tusikov

Mapping the Knowledge Structure: The Global Political Economy of Knowledge in the Digital Age

Polycentric   Dr Tamirace Fakhoury

The Governance of Refugee Returns: `Voluntary` and `Encouraged` Returns from Turkey to Syria

Polycentric   Dr Joseph Anderson

Theorizing the Entanglements of Public and Private Authority within Migration