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Legitimation   PD Dr Nina Schneider

Child Labour Opponents and their Campaigns in Global Perspective, 1888-1938

Pathways   Dr Katja Freistein Dr Bettina Mahlert Prof. Dr Sigrid Quack Dr Christine Unrau

Imagining Pathways for Global Cooperation

Pathways   Prof. Dr Sigrid Quack

What NGOs Do - Organizing Transnational Governance

Pathways   Dr Katja Freistein

Communication in the World Bank and UNDP

Pathways   Dr Katja Freistein

The Role of International Institutions in a Stratified Global Order

Polycentric   Dr Philip Liste Dr Katja Freistein

Repetition as a Technique of Global Governing

Polycentric   Dr Carolina Aguerre Dr Malcolm Campbell-Verduyn Prof. Dr Sigrid Quack Nathalia Sautchuk Patrício Prof. Dr Jan Aart Scholte Dr Janet Hui Xue

Digital Data Governance: Frameworks, Technologies and Controversies

Polycentric   PD Dr Frank Gadinger Prof. Dr Jan Aart Scholte

Polycentrism: How Governing Works Today

Polycentric   Prof. Dr Maria Koinova Dr Maryam Zarnegar Deloffre PD Dr Frank Gadinger Dr Zeynep Sahin Mencutek Prof. Dr Jan Aart Scholte Prof. Dr Jens Steffek

It’s Ordered Chaos: How Polycentrism Really Works

PolycentricLegitimation   PD Dr Frank Gadinger

International Practice Theory

LegitimationWorld order   Dr Katja Freistein PD Dr Frank Gadinger Dr Christine Unrau

The Appeal of Populist Storytelling

LegitimationWorld order   Dr Katja Freistein Dr Christine Unrau PD Dr Frank Gadinger

Re-Imagining the Past

Legitimation   Dr Philip Liste PD Dr Frank Gadinger

The Dark Sides of Global Cooperation

Legitimation   Dr Matthias Ecker-Ehrhardt

(De-)Legitimation Survey (DLegS)

Legitimation   PD Dr Frank Gadinger

Narrative Legitimation Politics

World order   Dr Christine Unrau Dr Amya Agarwal

People Like Us? Crafting Emotional Proximity and Distance in World Politics

World order   Dr Katja Freistein PD Dr Stefan Groth

Micro-Practices of International Organisations