Global Cooperation Research Papers

Die Global Cooperation Research Papers sollen den Forschungsprozess am Kolleg zeitnah abbilden. Die Beiträge sind Ausarbeitungen von Forschungsansätzen, die am Kolleg entwickelt und im Forschungskolloquium des Kollegs ausführlich diskutiert wurden. 'Research Papers' können sowohl von MitarbeiterInnen als auch GastwissenschaftlerInnen des Kollegs und deren Forschungspartnern eingereicht werden.

ISSN 2198-1949 (Print)
ISSN 2198-0411 (Online)

Blurring Global Epistemic Boundaries: The Emergence of Traditional Knowledge in Environmental Governance

Research Papers

Andrés López-Rivera

Global Cooperation Research Papers 25, Duisburg 2020

Stichwörter: Boundary blurring; Traditional knowledge; Indigenous peoples; Global
environmental governance

DOI: 10.14282/2198-0411-GCRP-25


From the Global to the Everyday: Anti-Globalization Metaphors in Trump’s and Salvini’s Political Language

Research Papers

Katja Freistein, Frank Gadinger, Christine Unrau

Global Cooperation Research Papers 24, Duisburg 2020

Stichwörter: Metaphors, Populist Storytelling, Narrative Analysis, (Anti-)Globalization, Migration

DOI: 10.14282/2198-0411-GCRP-24


The Puzzle of Reconciliation after Genocide and the Role of Social Identities: Evidence from Burundi and Rwanda

Research Papers

Theresa Reinold

Global Cooperation Research Papers 23, Duisburg 2019

Stichwörter: reconciliation, conflict resolution, genocide, transitional justice, social identity theory, self-categorization theory, post-conflict, Ruanda, Burundi, micro-macro level

DOI: 10.14282/2198-0411-GCRP-23


Godot was Always There. Repetition and the Formation of Customary International Law

Research Papers

Wouter Werner

Global Cooperation Research Papers 22, Duisburg 2019

Stichwörter: repetition, customary law, expert commitee, International Law Commission, pathways, polycentric governance

DOI: 10.14282/2198-0411-GCRP-22


The 'International Community' as a Legal Notion

Research Papers

Christian J. Tams

With a commentary by Theresa Reinold

Stichwörter: international community, international law, society, United Nations, law-making

DOI: 10.14282/2198-0411-GCRP-21


The Resilience Turn in German Development Strategy and Humanitarian Intervention

Research Papers

Jonathan Joseph

Global Cooperation Research Papers 20, Duisburg 2017

Stichwörter: Resilience, development, aid, policy, humanitarian, international relations, global

DOI: 10.14282/2198-0411-GCRP-20


From Inaction to Restrictions: Changes in Lebanon’s Policy Responses to Syrian Mass Refugee Movement

Research Papers

Zeynep Şahin Mencutek

Global Cooperation Research Papers 19, Duisburg 2017

Stichwörter: refugee governance, refugee policies, refugee hosting countries, Lebanon, Syrian mass flow, Syrian refugee movement, politics of refugees in Middle East

DOI: 10.14282/2198-0411-GCRP-19


Involvement and Impact of External Actors on Constitution Making in South Sudan and Somaliland: A Comparative Study

Research Papers

Katrin Seidel

Global Cooperation Research Papers 18, Duisburg 2017

Stichwörter: Constitution making, Rule of Law, South Sudan, Somaliland

DOI: 10.14282/2198-0411-GCRP-18


Cooperation and Closure in Bilateral Trade Negotiations

Research Papers

Larry Crump

Global Cooperation Research Papers 17, Duisburg 2017

Stichwörter: Cooperation and closure, bilateral negotiation, free trade agreements (FTA), Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)

DOI: 10.14282/2198-0411-GCRP-17


The Politics of Aid and Poverty Reduction in Africa: A Conceptual Proposal and the Case of Mali

Research Papers

Isaline Bergamaschi

Global Cooperation Research Papers 16, Duisburg 2016

Stichwörter: Politics of aid, aid dependency, poverty reduction, ownership, appropriation, crisis, Mali, international political economy, development studies, development anthropology, public policy and policy tools

DOI: 10.14282/2198-0411-GCRP-16


World Courts as Guardians of Peace?

Research Papers

Christian J. Tams

Global Cooperation Research Papers 15, Duisburg 2016

Stichwörter: International courts, international law, collective security, legalisation of international relations, dispute settlement, arbitration

DOI: 10.14282/2198-0411-GCRP-15


Cultural Bias in the Perception of Foreign-Policy Events

Research Papers

Felix S. Bethke

Global Cooperation Research Papers 14, Duisburg 2016

Stichwörter: Cultural bias, international cooperation, international conflict, foreign policy, event perception

DOI: 10.14282/2198-0411-GCRP-14


Environmental Politics and the Human Being: A New Interdisciplinary Perspective on Motivational Processes and Sustainable Change Behaviour

Research Papers

Bettina Burger-Menzel

Global Cooperation Research Papers 13, Duisburg 2016

Stichwörter: Global environmental politics, human motivation, cognition, sustainability, systemic change

DOI: 10.14282/2198-0411-GCRP-13


Restitution or Cooperation? Competing Visions of Post-Colonial Cultural Development in Africa

Research Papers

Sarah Van Beurden

Global Cooperation Research Papers 12, Duisburg 2015

Stichwörter: Development, cooperation, restitution, Africa, museums

DOI: 10.14282/2198-0411-GCRP-12


Conceptualising Local Ownership as ‘Reflexive Cooperation’: The Deferral of Self-government to Protect ‘Unequal’ Humans?

Research Papers

Pol Bargués-Pedreny

Global Cooperation Research Papers 11, Duisburg 2015

Stichwörter: Peacebuilding, local ownership, self-government, hybridity, reflexive cooperation

DOI: 10.14282/2198-0411-GCRP-11


Globalization, Social Identity, and Cooperation: An Experimental Analysis of Their Linkages and Effects

Research Papers

Gianluca Grimalda, Nancy Buchan, Marilynn Brewer

Global Cooperation Research Papers 10, Duisburg 2015

Stichwörter: Globalization, social identity, cooperation, cosmopolitanism

DOI: 2198-0411-GCRP-10


Why Empathy is not the Best Basis for Humanitarianism

Research Papers

Fritz Breithaupt

Global Cooperation Research Papers 9, Duisburg 2015

Stichwörter: Humanitarianism, empathy, narrative, self-loss, conflict, sadism, we-identity

DOI: 10.14282/2198-0411-GCRP-9


Humanitarianism’s Contested Culture in War Zones

Research Papers

Mit Kommentaren von David Chandler and Dennis Dijkzeul

Global Cooperation Research Papers 8, Duisburg 2014

Stichwörter: Humanitarianism, humanitarian business, ethics, marketization, militarization,international relations, globalization, development cooperation, global cooperation

DOI: 10.14282/2198-0411-GCRP-8


‘It Will Always Be with Us’: Corruption as an Ontological Fact among Kenyan Luo

Research Papers

Mario Schmidt

Global Cooperation Research Papers 7, Duisburg 2014

Stichwörter: Cooperation, corruption, development aid, gift, Kenya, Luo

DOI: 10.14282/2198-0411-GCRP-7


Culture, 'Relationality', and Global Cooperation

Research Papers

Morgan Brigg

Global Cooperation Research Papers 6, Duisburg 2014

Stichwörter: Culture, relationality, cultural difference, conflict resolution, global governance, cooperation research, chaos theory, non–linearity, unknowability, becoming, non-western traditions

DOI: 10.14282/2198-0411-GCRP-6


Global Cooperation and Economies of Recognition: The Case of NGOs

Research Papers

Volker M. Heins

Global Cooperation Research Papers 5, Duisburg 2014

Stichwörter: Global Governance, International NGOs, Theories of Recognition, Practices of Intervention, Ethical Witnessing, Harm Conventions

DOI: 10.14282/2198-0411-GCRP-5


Is India Fit for a Role in Global Governance? The Predicament of Fragile Domestic Structures and Institutions

Research Papers

Herbert Wulf

Global Cooperation Research Papers 4, Duisburg 2014

Stichwörter: Conflict, development, domestic structures, economic growth, federalism, foreign policy, global governance, hybridity, India, internal security, poverty, socio-economic development, regionalism, resilient institutions, soft power, tradition and modernity

DOI: 10.14282/2198-0411-GCRP-4


New Alterities and Emerging Cultures of Social Interaction

Research Papers

Christian Meyer

Mit Kommentaren von Dirk Messner, Daniel Gaus, and Stephen Brown

Global Cooperation Research Papers 3, Duisburg 2013

Stichwörter: Social and Cultural Change, Cultural Heterogeneity, Alterity, Social Interaction, Dementia, Robots, Virtual Agents, Globalization


Rethinking the Legitimacy of Global Governance. On the Need for Sociological Research and Philosophical Foundations

Research Papers

Dirk Peters

Mit Kommentaren von Frank Gadinger und Daniel Gaus

Global Cooperation Research Papers 2, Duisburg 2013

Stichwörter: Crises of legitimacy, global governance, research methodology, philosophy, normative concepts, pragmatic sociology


The Behavioural Dimensions of International Cooperation

Research Papers

Dirk Messner, Alejandro Guarín, and Daniel Haun

Global Cooperation Research Papers 1, Duisburg 2013

Stichwörter: Global Cooperation, human behaviour, reciprocity, evolution, trust, international relations, climate change, commons, G-20