Eco-Terrorism, Petrocapitalism and the Postcolonial State

Vortrag: Dumebi Obute

Kommentar: Bernhard Forchtner

Leitung: Gemma Bird

Location: Horst Schimanski Hall
Datum: 18. Juli 2023

11:00 - 12:15 (CEST)


Kolloquium Programm April – Juli 2023

Wenn nicht anders angegeben: Dienstag 11:00 - 12:15 Uhr (CET)
Virtueller Horst-Schimanski-Saal

Programmänderungen vorbehalten.

18. April

Bernhard Forchtner

Theorizing Exclusionary and Inclusionary People-Making: From Narrative Genres to Collective Learning Processes

25. April

Pertti Alasuutari

Legitimacy Work of IOs during the Covid Pandemic

9. Mai

Bianca Sola Claudio

Temporalities and Capability Approach: Asylum Seekers in Waiting

16. Mai

Bruna Bosi Moreira

The Global Implications of China's Energy Transition and Climate Politics

23. Mai

Mariana Prandini Assis

'Helping is Not a Crime': Mobilizing for Reproductive Justice Beyond Pressure Politics

6. Juni

Pinar Bilgin and Monica Herz

Who Speaks Security on Behalf of the International Community? Brazil and Turkey’s 2010 Attempt to Mediate with Iran

20. Juni

Renske Vos

Ice Cream Not War: a Multi-material Visit to the Peace Palace Grounds

27. Juni

Audrey Alejandro

Three Conceptualisations of Technicisation: The Case of the Medicalisation of Male Circumcision

28. Juni

Wednesday: Mittagsforum

Matthias Ecker-Ehrhardt, Sigrid Quack and Soetkin Verhaegen

Joint Survey Project Regarding the Legitimacy of Global Governance Institutions

4. Juli

Carolina Vestena and Christian Scheper

Due Diligence Regulation and Workers‘ Voices in Global Value Chains

18. Juli

Dumebi Obute

Eco-Terrorism, Petrocapitalism and the Postcolonial State

25. Juli

Moumita Mandal (09:45)

The Cost of Climate Change, Heightened Sexual- and Gender-based Violence: A Challenge for International Law