The Centre is located in Duisburg

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Duisburg is the fifth largest city in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Lying at the junction of the Ruhr and Rhine rivers, the city houses the World’s largest inland port. This location has raised Duisburg to a prominent place in Germany. From an important centre of iron and steel industry in the 19th century, Duisburg is undergoing a marked transformation. Today it has become an economic, cultural and academic gateway to Europe. The city offers both residents and guests the opportunities to experience the multifaceted German culture. Its proximity to other major cities including Düsseldorf and Cologne offers visitors possibility to maintain their connection with the international community.

The University of Duisburg-Essen further reinforces the academic essence of the city. As one of the 10 largest universities of Germany, it provides the vital impulse for active dialogues between international research fellows and the region’s well-founded strength in Global Governance and Intercultural Studies.

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Innenhafen and the H2Office

The Innenhafen (inner harbour) of Duisburg offers a particular combination between old and new. In the midst of nature, visitors of the Innenhafen could follow the route of industrial culture which is surrounded by the historical warehouses, modern architecture and galleries including the MKM-Centre for Modern and Contemporary Art. The most beautiful promenade of Duisburg and the lively gastronomy provides an ideal setting for the H2Office. The external architecture of catamaran represents not only the location of the H2office but also the very idea of dynamics. The sustainable energy concept as well as the spacious and bright office spaces of H2Office allows our team to work in a creative and motivating atmosphere.