InHouse&Guests Workshop

Rethinking the Westphalian Frame

7th February 2013

The workshop "Rethinking the Westphalian Frame" brought together international academic scholars to discuss conditions of legitimacy and justice in transnational politics at the Centre for Global Cooperation Research.

Global governance confronts us with a puzzle. The rising need for enlarged and deepened cross-border cooperation has led to a proliferation of international institutions of a new kind. Beyond international cooperation, transnational sites of governance combine both state and societal actors in dealing with complex problems across borders. Their norms and regulations often have a direct impact on societal relations. However, although transnational regulations obviously bypass national mechanisms of democratic control and cause increasing societal protest, empirical studies show that citizens do not generally view them as illegitimate. There seems to be a 'democratic paradox': an almost world-wide belief in the idea of democracy goes hand in hand with a significant societal acceptance of transnational institutions that fail known democratic standards of electoral accountability. Are we witnessing a paradigm shift in the normative order of politics beyond the nation-state?

Date: 7th February 2013, 9.00 - 16.30h
Venue: Käte Hamburger Kolleg / Centre for Global Cooperation Research, Schifferstr. 44, 47059 Duisburg

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