InHouse&Guests Workshop

Ebola as a Global Governance Issue: Digging Deeper into Sierra Leone’s Health Sovereignty Crisis

1st December 2014

Workshop organized by Research Unit 3 "Global Governance Revisited" and initiated by the Centre's Fellows Susan Erikson and Mneesha Gellman as well as Guest Researcher Joshua Dankoff.

‘Thinking with the case of Sierra Leone’ was a central aim of this participatory workshop. In order to enable the participants to understand the situation on the ground, an introductory exclusive slide-show of images and short clips about capacities and shortcomings was shown to the 20 participants. Thought-provoking presentations by experts gave insights and exceptional perspectives to existing debates and media coverage about Ebola, followed by wider applications of ideas about health governance. Questions like ‘What does good governance look like when the end goal is improved health of a particular population?’, ‘How might local, national, regional and/or global governance mechanisms ‘assemble’ when health is the end goal?’ and ‘Who should have health governance sovereignty?’ invited the participants to think collaboratively and discuss lively on this global health issue.