InHouse&Guests Workshop

Global Cooperation in Transitional Justice: Ambiguities, Paradoxes and Possibilities

2–3 April 2014

Through thought-provoking presentations and lively discussion by invited guests and our own fellows, the workshop sought to address the multifaceted nature of global cooperation in transitional justice. This was done by covering issues concerning, among other topics, the democratic transition of post-communist societies, post-apartheid, post-military and post-conflict transitions as well as preparations for transition in areas currently in conflict. Furthermore, major features of transitional justice were discussed including its interdisciplinary nature, implications for intercultural exchange, global governance, and legitimacy. 

This exploration raised many pertinent questions regarding the current state of academic research on transitional justice: What are the prevalent modes of global cooperation in transitional justice, their ambiguities and contestations? How are they played out in global and local encounters? What is the role of global cooperation in imagining alternative schemas and possibilities for transitional justice? And how could such imagining address, rather than reinforce, current fissures in transitional justice?

Venue: Centre for Global Cooperation Research, Schifferstr. 44, Duisburg