Translation in World Politics

Duisburg - 8–9 October 2015

This two-day workshop invited scholars to take up the challenge of rethinking aspects of world politics through the concept of translation as theorized in Science and Technology Studies, policy studies and International Relations. The workshop brought together scholars from across Europe who discussed (a) how institutions are sites of translational work, (b) how current development projects are designed in Europe and what kind of effect they have in developing countries, (c) how concepts and stories travel within organizations, how they have performative effects, (d) and how one can think about the spaces and zones that are created through translation.

One aim of the workshop was therefore to explore the empirical, methodological and conceptual challenges of the concept of translation; and what new research questions and topics can be generated by this concept. The Käte Hamburger Lecture by Richard Freeman on 'Doing Politics in Translation' was also part of the workshop and introduced this line of reasoning to a broader academic community.

The workshop was organized by Tobias Berger (FU Berlin) and Alejandro Esguerra (Fellow, KHK/GCR21).

Venue: KHK/GCR21, Schifferstr. 44, 47059 Duisburg