InHouse&Guests Workshop

The Global Politics of Acceptance: Claiming Epistemic and Governance Authority in the Post-national Constellation

6–7 September 2016

The global ecosystem of authority is changing. Confronted with complex dynamics and ‘wicked problems’ such as global warming or worldwide food risks, decision makers need to rely on the advice of specialists. Yet, there is increasingly competition between different actor groups to provide policy relevant expertise. At the same time, citizens question the role of expertise in society more than ever. As a result, previously unquestioned arrangements of policy-relevant knowledge production are increasingly confronted with different norms of scientific integrity and political accountability. There is thus a growing need to rethink policy expertise and to find new modes of coordinating governance and epistemic authority on a transnational level.

The workshop aimed at investigating these changing constellations of epistemic and governance authority in a post-national age by bringing together papers across a wide variety of disciplines and areas of research, especially focusing on transformations, erosions or emerging configurations at the nexus between epistemic and governance authority.

Including a call for papers, this workshop was organized by the Centre's Fellows Sigrid Quack and Holger Straßheim.

Venue: Centre for Global Cooperation Research, Schifferstr. 44, 47059 Duisburg