InHouse&Guests Workshop

Aid, Norms and the World Society

15–16 May 2017

This two-day workshop aimed to examine the neo-institutionalist research literature on foreign aid in the world society and to assess its implications for the evolution of the neo-institutional research agenda on aid. Furthermore, participants discussed the relevance of the research to aid policy and practice. The event brought together researchers from a range of disciplines working on the issues of development finance, institutions, and norms.

The workshop covered the following research questions: What should be the priorities of a research agenda on aid and world society? How are donorship norms spread and shaped via this world society and how does donor proliferation affect them? How do aid agencies act as norm diffusers and norm consumers? And what are the implications of such an approach to aid for development policy and practice?

The workshop was organised by Dr Liam Swiss, Senior Fellow of the Centre.

Venue: Käte Hamburger Kolleg / Centre for Global Cooperation Research, Schifferstr. 44, 47059 Duisburg