Käte Hamburger Lecture

Applied History: Still Learning from 60 Years of Development Co-Operation

Duisburg – 17 May 2017

The Development Assistance Committee (DAC) has been the coordinating body for the donor nations for 60 years. In the past years, a concerted effort was carried out to make the institution much more inclusive and to address the 'aid architecture' challenge. Yet, a number of issues confront the modern DAC, including population increases, an increase in humanitarian relief challenges, a new administration in the United States, new sustainable development goals, climate change and an ongoing proliferation of aid programmes that often confuse partners. Amidst all these challenges, stakeholders question whether the OECD/DAC is the right forum to address these issues. Perhaps the world is ready to support a global partnership that more fully represents the new world order. These questions were topic to the 23rd Käte Hamburger Lecture with Prof. Brian J. Atwood.

Prof. Brian J. Atwood is former Chair of OECD/DAC (2011–2012) and former Administrator of United States Agency for International Development (USAID, 1993–1999). As a high level participant representing the United States in the 1990s, and later as the elected chair of the organization, Atwood has participated in historic discussions that have resulted in goal setting for the global development community, an effort to promulgate effectiveness principles, and to broaden the dialogue with partner countries, South-South contributors, the private sector, parliamentarians and non-governmental organizations.

Drawing from his unique personal perspective, Atwood highlighted the defining moments and evolution of the DAC's development co-operation enterprise as well as steps forward to support the global partnership initiative. The lecture was discussed by the Centre's Senior Dr Liam Siwss, and Alexandra Trzeciak-Duval, former World Bank DAC Delegate and Division Head of the OECD Development Co-operation Directorate.

Date: 17 May 2017, 18:00–19:30 h
Venue: NETZ / Centre for Nanointegration (CENIDE), Room 2.42, University of Duisburg-Essen, Carl-Benz-Straße 199, 47057 Duisburg