Käte Hamburger Lecture

Financial Institutions as Microinstitutional Forms

Potsdam – 10 February 2017

What sort of organizational form is a financial market? And how did these markets fare with globalization, new technologies, and legal and professional transformations? Financial markets have spearheaded some of these changes, and they also profited from them. But some of the largest of these markets, which don't use the 'piping' of exchanges, also offer something else—a combination of weird mechanisms and practices that sustain what Prof. Karin Knorr Cetina terms a microinstitutional form, and which was also topic of the 21st Käte Hamburger Lecture.

In the Lecture, Prof. Knorr Cetina examined the world's largest and most liquid market, focusing on major transitions, the media at the market's center, as well as the adapted microsociology that goes along with these developments. She is Otto Borchert Distinguished Service Professor (Jointly Appointed in Anthropology) and Chair of the Department of Sociology at the University of Chicago. Her talk was enriched by comments from Prof. Dr Valeska Korff, Junior Professor of Methods in Organizational and Administrative Research at the University of Potsdam. The open discussion afterwards was moderated by Dr Katja Freistein, Head of the Centre's Research Unit 1.

The lecture was organised jointly with the DFG Research Training Group on 'Wicked Problems, Contested Administrations: Knowledge, Coordination, Strategy' (WIPCAD), University of Potsdam.

Date: 10.02.2017, 13:00–14:30 h
Venue: University of Potsdam, WIPCAD (S-Bahn stop Griebnitzsee), House 7, Room 3.07.227-29