InHouse&Guests Workshop

International Relations in an Age of Critique (Special Issue in Global Society)

7–8 December 2017

From critique to affirmation in International Relations: The workshop explored the current transformation of critical approaches to International Relations. Until recently, dominant critical approaches like 'deconstruction' delegitimised positivist approaches by claiming that there is no foundation or sure ground from which to make true claims. Deconstruction emphasized that there is no outside from social constructions, and thus reductionist statements on the world cannot be sustained. However, critics are exhausted of deconstruction: it can destroy discourses of power, but it gives little confidence to alternative visions. Today, the mood is changing, and critical sensibilities are
being replaced with a more affirmative ethos. But what kinds of affirmation? Can there be affirmation after deconstruction?

Organized by Peter Finkenbusch and Pol Bargués-Pedreny, this author’s
workshop prepared for a Special Issue in 'Global Society'.

Venue: Käte Hamburger Kolleg /Centre for Global Cooperation Research /Schiffertstraße 196/ 47059 Duisburg