Scenario Workshop

Prospective Migration Policy — Scenario Building on Relations between West Africa and Europe

Berlin, Dakar, Brussels - 2017

Migration from West Africa to Europe has become a major issue on the political agenda in both regions. A number of agreements between the European Union and various African countries on ways of dealing with the problems of migration and development have been concluded in recent months. What is still needed, however, is a long-term strategy that would enable both sides to work together on addressing the underlying structural issues and obstacles hampering a viable migration policy. The Centre for Global Cooperation Research and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation (FES) addressed this issue by undertaking a scenario process on the future relations between West Africa and the European Union.

A team of experts of various ages from various educational, professional, political and gender backgrounds developed scenarios in a hierarchy-free communication process with participants from Europe and Africa. After three workshops in Berlin, Dakar and Brussels four scenarios give answer to the question on how migratory flows will develop by 2030 and how this will affect the relations as well as vice versa how these relations will affect the migration of Africans. West Africa, the region between Nigeria and Senegal, including the particularly vulnerable Sahel zone, was chosen because most African migrants come to Europe from there. The four scenarios – unequal relationship, conflicting relationship, pragmatic relationship, equal relationship – develop different constellations of migratory movements, socio-economic development and relations between West Africa and Europe. The results have been presented at a public event in Brussels in November 2017 and will also be published in the Centre’s Global Dialogues series (in English and French) that can be downloaded for free here. Further events to discuss the results are planned for 2018.


30.06.–02.07.2017 Berlin, Hotel am Borsigturm
08.09.–10.09.2017 Dakar, Hotel Le Ndiambour
18.11.–20.11.2017 Brussels, Hotel Sofitel Brussels Europe