Rückschaufehler / Hindsight Bias

Special Lunchtime Event: Artist Intervention

Friday, 25th June 2021 (12:00, CEST) | Online Event via Zoom – Access will be provided after registration for the event.

In his visual essay, Eiko Grimberg engages with hindsight bias as a specific form of re-imagining the past. He traces the story of the Berlin City Palace, which served as a residence of the Hohenzollern, was damaged during WWII, demolished by the authorities of the GDR, and recently rebuilt as an accurate copy. Grimberg’s photographic work zooms in on the history of the building and its fragments, some of which, as the legend has it, reappeared in a monkey enclosure of Friedrichsfelde Zoo in East Berlin.



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Artist Intervention
Rückschaufehler / Hindsight Bias

Eiko Grimberg
Visual artist / essayist

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Artist Intervention: Rückschaufehler / Hindsight Bias, A Visual Essay by Eiko Grimberg

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