Alumni fellows, stay and projects at the Centre

Rita Abrahamsen

Alumni Fellow   01/2021 to 06/2021

The Global Networks of the New Right: The Case of South Africa

Stephen Adaawen

Alumni Fellow   04/2017 to 01/2018

The Challenges of Regional Migration and Cooperation: The Case of Ghana and Nigeria

Frank Adloff

Alumni Fellow   10/2013 to 03/2014

Gifts of Cooperation: The Relevance of Marcel Mauss

Marlies Ahlert

Alumni Fellow   04/2013 to 03/2014

Cooperation in Negotiations – Theory, Experiments, Case Studies

Dr Audrey Alejandro

Alumni Fellow

Joseph Anderson

Alumni Fellow   03/2019 to 06/2019

Theorizing the Entanglements of Public and Private Authority within Migration

Esref Aksu

Alumni Fellow   01/2013 to 06/2013

Global Governance Reconsidered: A Conceptual Approach

Monika Baár

Alumni Fellow   06/2022 to 08/2022

Disabled Refugees and Disabling Displacement: International Norms and Local Realities

Pol Bargués-Pedreny

Alumni Fellow   06/2015 to 11/2015 and 04/ to 09/2017

Pragmatic Peacebuilding: Engaging with the Micro-politics of the Everyday to Cultivate Inter-Ethnic Cooperation

Burcu Bayram

Alumni Fellow   05/2016 to 08/2016

Decision Maker Perceptions of Negotiation Legitimacy in Multilateral Trade Diplomacy

Galya Ben-Arieh

Alumni Fellow   06/2016 to 07/2016 and 09/2016 to 12/2016

Does the Refugee Convention Regime Contribute to Refugee Protection?

Isaline Bergamaschi

Alumni Fellow   12/2013 to 06/2014

International Intervention in Mali: Transformation and Legitimacy

Felix Bethke

Alumni Fellow   04/2014 to 03/2015

Perceptions of Conflict and Cooperation

Sarah Van Beurden

Alumni Fellow   06/2013 to 12/2013

Postcolonial Cultures of Cooperation: Belgium, Congo and the Rise of an International Conservation Regime

Dr Dinh Thi Ngoc Bich

Alumni Fellow   09/2020 to 08/2021

PPP in Practice: Assessing Business Goals in Combating Climate Change in the Case of Vietnam

Manuel Borutta

Alumni Fellow   10/2014 to 11/2015

Mediterranean Entanglements: France and Algeria between Colonization and Decolonization

Gerardo Bracho

Alumni Fellow   04/2016 to 03/2017

The Rise and Fall of the Modern Aid Industry: The Development Assistance Group (OECD) and the Impact of the Emerging Donors

Morgan Brigg

Alumni Fellow   03/2013 to 11/2013

Culture as 'Relational Resource' for Conflict Resolution and Global Cooperation

Lothar Brock

Alumni Fellow   02/2013 to 01/2014

Layla D. Brown

Alumni Fellow   09/2021 to 08/2022

Return to the Source: The Dialectics of 21st Century Pan-African Liberation

Stephen Brown

Alumni Fellow   01/2015 to 06/2015

Global Cooperation and Development Policy Coherence

Susanne Buckley-Zistel

Alumni Fellow   04/2015 to 03/2016

Transitional Justice as a Travelling Norm. On the Influence of Local Concepts on Global Ideas

Stanislav Budnitsky

Alumni Fellow   08/2021 to 07/2022

Russia's Digital Sovereignty: National Identity and Global Internet Governance

Bettina Burger-Menzel

Alumni Fellow   04/2015 to 06/2015

Lessons from innovation systems: Increased (global) cooperation potential through the application of diffusion principles

Alessandra Cappelletti

Alumni Fellow   10/2016 to 03/2017

Cultural Diplomacy Along the Silk Road: Dynamics and Impact in the OBOR Countries

David Carment

Alumni Fellow   11/2014 to 06/2015

Diaspora and Fragile States: Assessing the Theoretical and Policy Linkages

Paula Castro

Alumni Fellow   03/2016 to 02/2017

Cooperating for the Climate: States’ Positions on Burden Sharing of Climate Change Mitigation and Finance

Ayse Cavdar

Alumni Fellow   01/2017 to 12/2017

Political Anthropology of Religiosity in 'New Turkey'

Dr Eric Cezne

Alumni Fellow

Gerald Chan

Alumni Fellow   11/2017 to 02/2018

Silk Roads and Bullet Trains: Assessing China’s New Diplomacy

David Chandler

Alumni Fellow   10/2012 to 06/2013

Legitimacy Crises and Public Protests

Hongming Cheng

Alumni Fellow   04/2014 to 09/2014

Understanding Transnational Organised Crime and Law between the EU and China

Manjiao Chi

Alumni Fellow   09/2014 to 08/2015

China’s Legal Culture and Its Participation in Global Governance

Dr Farai Chipato

Alumni Fellow

Andrew Cooper

Alumni Fellow   01/2014 to 04/2014

The Rise of Informal Summitry with special reference to the G20 and the BRICS: Implications for Global Governance

Larry Crump

Alumni Fellow   03/2016 to 06/2017

Global Governance Revisited via Three Levels of Analysis

Nicole Doerr

Alumni Fellow   09/2021 to 08/2022

Far-Right Visual Narratives and Translation on Digital Platforms Contesting Liberal Democratic Discourse and Government

Alena Drieschova

Alumni Fellow   07/2020 to 06/2021

Representants and International Orders

Susan Erikson

Alumni Fellow   10/2014 to 02/2015

Cultures of Governance: Statistics as Apparatus for Global Governance

Alejandro Esguerra

Alumni Fellow   04/2015 to 03/2016

The Micro-Politics of Negotiating and Manufacturing Governance Innovation in the Transnational Realm

Isabel Feichtner

Alumni Fellow   04/2016 to 11/2016

The Principle of Common Heritage and Natural Resource Exploitation in the Deep Sea and Outer Space

Peter Finkenbusch

Alumni Fellow   10/2017 to 01/2018

Governance in an Age of Unknowability: Facilitating Urban Resilience in the Americas

Jaroslava Gajdošová

Alumni Fellow   09/2013 to 08/2014

Transitional Justice and Collective Memory between Impunity and Oblivion: Cultural Translation of Global Justice in Czech and East German Postcommunist Transition

Noemi Gal-Or

Alumni Fellow   10/2013 to 4/2014

Global Governance in Flux: Justice Institutions, International Responsibility, and Cultural Diversity

Daniel Gaus

Alumni Fellow   07/2012 to 06/2013

Cosmopolitanism, Deliberation, and the State – Three Conundrums of Post-National Democracy

Prof. Dr Anna Geis

Alumni Fellow   10/2021 to 09/2022

20 Years of the US “War on Terror” in Afghanistan. A Critical Review of Interventionist Practices and their Justification

Mneesha Gellman

Alumni Fellow   04/2014 to 12/2014

Shaming and Claiming: Ethnic Minority Social Movements in Mexico, Turkey, and El Salvador

Payam Ghalehdar

Alumni Fellow   04/2017 to 08/2017

Origins of Overthrow—Emotional Frustration and US-Imposed Regime Change

Faten Ghosn

Alumni Fellow   06/2017 to 07/2017

Getting to the Table & Getting to Yes: A New Outlook on Negotiations

Gianluca Grimalda

Alumni Fellow   09/2015 to 02/2016

Experimental Analysis of the Behavioural Foundations of Global Cooperation

Jennifer Gronau

Alumni Fellow   06/2016 to 11/2016

External Legitimation Dynamics and Internal Working Practices of Informal Clubs of Nation States

PD Dr Stefan Groth

Alumni Fellow   11/2021 to 04/2023

Everyday Narratives of (De-)Legitimation: How Stories about Migration Policies and Expert Regimes are Told in Everyday Contexts

Eric Grynaviski

Alumni Fellow   07/2017 to 12/2017

The Problem of Social Integration in International Politics

Petra Gümplová

Alumni Fellow   04/2017 to 01/2018

(Dis)Illusions of the Empowered: Moral Psychology of Resistance in Postdemocratic Age

Catherine Hecht

Alumni Fellow   10/2019 to 9/2020

Inclusive International Institutions and Global Cooperation: Evolving Pathways for Democratic and Sustainable Development

Gunther Hellmann

Alumni Fellow   08/2017 to 01/2018

Grasping Horizons of Possibility: Narratives about International Futures

Heike Hennig-Schmidt

Alumni Fellow   08/2016 to 02/2017

Can Trade Sanctions Bolster Climate Change Agreements? An Experimental Analysis

Maren Hofius

Alumni Fellow   04/2020 to 03/2021

From Arctic Exceptionalism to Global Arctic: Exploring Pathways of Cooperation in Circumpolar Arctic Governance

Pablo Holmes

Alumni Fellow   08/2017 to 01/2018

Global Changes and Transnational Polities: Does Fragmented Post-Democratic Constitutionalization Foster Global Social Exclusion?

Joe Hoover

Alumni Fellow   05/2017 to 01/2018

Justice in the Global City

Jon Hovi

Alumni Fellow   01/2017 to 06/2017

Credible Commitments to Long-term Policy

Meibo Huang

Alumni Fellow   03/2013 to 08/2013

China's Foreign Aid and Its Role in the International Aid Architecture

Abou Jeng

Alumni Fellow   06/2013 to 05/2014

Anja Jetschke

Alumni Fellow   10/2017 to 03/2018

Trans-Border Cooperation in East Asia at the Regional/Global Interface

Jonathan Joseph

Alumni Fellow   01/2017 to 06/2017

Varieties of Resilience

Wolfram Kaiser

Alumni Fellow   06/2019 to 05/2020

Transnational Integration and Democracy Narratives: Dynamics in European Cooperation in Historical Perspective

Yannis Kallianos

Alumni Fellow   02/2017 to 01/2018

Crisis, Legitimacy, and Social Contestation: The everyday politics of (de)legitimation processes in Greece

Otto Kallscheuer

Alumni Fellow   04/2015 to 03/2016

New Regionalism? Models of Regional Integration within the Changing Geopolitical Patterns of the 21st Century

Babacar Kanté

Alumni Fellow   10/2016 to 03/2017

African Regionalism

Ina Kerner

Alumni Fellow   12/2016 to 09/2017

Matters of Difference in a Postcolonial World: Traces, Challenges, and Prospects

Dr Karolina Kluczewska

Alumni Fellow   02/2021 to 01/2022

Conceptualising Competing Conceptions of World Order Through the Eyes of Aid Recipients? Governance Models, Developmental Visions, and Imaginaries of the Future in Central Asia: The Case of Post-Soviet Tajikistan

Kai Koddenbrock

Alumni Fellow   09/2013 to 08/2014

A Democratic Ethos of Intervention? Attitudes Towards Political Struggle in Western Humanitarianism and Peacebuilding

Martina Kopf

Alumni Fellow   04/2014 to 02/2015 and 09/2015

Developing Africa in Colonial and Postcolonial Imaginations

Dr Matthias Kranke

Alumni Fellow

Florian P. Kühn

Alumni Fellow   06/2019 to 05/2020

Ambiguity and Peace – How Ambiguities Influence Global Cooperation

Bernd Lahno

Alumni Fellow   02/2013 to 01/2014

Norms and Rules as a Foundation of Social Cooperation

PD. Dr Stefania Maffeis

Alumni Fellow   09/2019 to 08/2020

Migration as a human right? Philosophical and political contentions in Europe

Siddharth Mallavarapu

Alumni Fellow   06/2013 to 08/2013

Cognitive Studies and Institutional Designs for Cooperation

Dr Moumita Mandal

Alumni Fellow

Xavier Mathieu

Alumni Fellow   10/2016 to 08/2017

Creating Difference in the International Society: The Construction of the 'Local' as Different in the Context of State-building Interventions

Franz Mauelshagen

Alumni Fellow   04/2018 to 03/2019

The History and Future of Planetary Politics — Science-Policy Cooperation in the Anthropocene

Dr Rotem Medzini

Alumni Fellow   01/2021 to 12/2022

Enhanced self-regulation in data governance

PD Dr Janne Mende

Alumni Fellow   01/2023 to 02/2023

Aysem Mert

Alumni Fellow   05/2014 to 04/2015

Scalar Revolutions in the History of Democracy: Transforming Global Governance

Christian Meyer

Alumni Fellow   10/2012 to 07/2013

Charmaine Misalucha-Willoughby

Alumni Fellow   09/2017 to 01/2018

How to Change the Game of Security Cooperation: The Case of the ASEAN-China Strategic Partnership

Elisabetta Nadalutti

Alumni Fellow   09/2015 to 08/2016

Within the EU-ASEAN cross-border regionalism: cooperation with(out) an ethical cross-border governance? A comparative perspective analysis

James Nyomakwa-Obimpeh

Alumni Fellow   07/2017 to 01/2018

Exploring the Role of Culture in EU-Africa Regional Trade Relations

Dr Dumebi Obute

Alumni Fellow

Nathalia Sautchuk Patrício

Alumni Fellow   10/2020 to 02/2022

Learning from the German Experience on Promoting and Protecting the Open Internet: The Cases of Network Neutrality and the Fight Against Illicit Online Content

Dirk Peters

Alumni Fellow   05/2012 to 11/2012

Global Governance and Contested Conceptions of Legitimate Order: A State of the Art

Steven Pierce

Alumni Fellow   07/2013 to 12/2013

Government and the Body in Pain: Humanitarianism, Vulnerability, and the Culpabilities of Power

Elena Pulcini

Alumni Fellow   01/2014 to 06/2014

The Passion for Giving

Salvador Santino F. Regilme

Alumni Fellow   04/2015 to 09/2017

Human Rights in the Age of Terror: How Transnational Factors Impact Norm Compliance in the Global South

Nicole Renvert

Alumni Fellow   02/2014 to 05/2014

Of Trust and Fear: Middle Eastern Research Institutes as Partners for European Foundations and Think Tanks

Mathieu Rousselin

Alumni Fellow   12/2015 to 03/2016

From Dialogue to Cooperation

Olivia Rutazibwa

Alumni Fellow   07/2016 to 06/2017

Agaciro, Black Power and Autonomous Recovery. A Decolonial Study of Sovereignty and Self-determination

Ariane Sadjed

Alumni Fellow   06/2014 to 01/2015

Iranian Jews and Bahais in Europe: Islam, Secularization and the Formation of Religious Identity

Shirin Saeidi

Alumni Fellow   03/2015 to 04/2016

Insurgent Citizens: Democratization and the Hizbollah Movement in Iran

Adam Sandor

Alumni Fellow   05/2018 to 04/2019

Governing the Borderlands: Transnational Security Interventions and their Impacts in Africa

Enrique Saravia

Alumni Fellow   09/2012 to 12/2012

Andrea Schapper

Alumni Fellow   04/2016 to 09/2016

'Righteous Climate Policies': Exploring State-Society Interactions for Institutionalizing Human Rights in International Climate Treaties

Klaus Schlichte

Alumni Fellow   10/2015 to 03/2016

Uganda's Budget: On the Internationalization of Rule

Jessica Schmidt

Alumni Fellow   08/2013 to 07/2014

From Artifice to Life: Crisis of Legitimacy and the Rise of Democracy as Social Form

Mario Schmidt

Alumni Fellow   09/2013 to 08/2014

“Democracy died today” – Food, money and votes during the Kenyan General Election 2013 in Kenya

Ulrich Schneckener

Alumni Fellow   04/2016 to 09/2016

Depoliticization or (Re-)Politicization? The 'Politics of Legitimacy' in European Security

Jan Aart Scholte

Alumni Fellow   11/2012 to 03/2013

“Explorations in Global Democracy”

Birgit Schwelling

Alumni Fellow   10/2013 to 09/2014

The Global Regime of Transitional Justice

Umberto Mario Sconfienza

Alumni Fellow   01/2020 to 12/2020

The Post-Sustainability Trilemma

Katrin Seidel

Alumni Fellow   09/2015 to 08/2016

Involvement and Impact of External Actors on Constitution Making in South Sudan and Somaliland: A Comparative Study

Deepshikha Shahi

Alumni Fellow   04/2017 to 01/2018

Indian Philosophical Contribution to Post-Western International Relations Theory: Introducing Advaita as an Alternative Epistemological Resource

Ying Shen

Alumni Fellow   03/2018 to 02/2019

A Critical Analysis of Cooperative Approaches to Climate Change Mitigation under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement

David Shim

Alumni Fellow   09/2021 to 08/2022

Visual Narratives of Climate Change – Exploring Climate Storytelling of Fridays for Future

Balraj K. Sidhu

Alumni Fellow   03/2016 to 08/2016

International Environment Court: A Legal Study of an Ideal

Dr Joanna Simonow

Alumni Fellow   03/2020 to 02/2021

The Private in the Political: Feminism, Anti-Imperialism, and Indian Anti-Colonialism in Europe and North America, c. 1910s-1950s

Abdolkarim Soroush

Alumni Fellow

Detlef Sprinz

Alumni Fellow   01/2017 to 07/2017

Credible Commitments to Long-Term Policy

Dr Nora Stappert

Alumni Fellow   from 02/2022 to 01/2023

Processes of (De-)Legitimation through Law: Understanding Communities of International Legal Practice and the Proposal to Criminalize Ecocide

Prof. Dr Jens Steffek

Alumni Fellow   09/2019 to 08/2020

Global Standards of Good Governance

Holger Straßheim

Alumni Fellow   04/2016 to 09/2016

Globalizing Expertise: The Case of Behavioural Governance

Ángela Suárez-Collado

Alumni Fellow   04/2014 to 03/2015

The Amazigh Diaspora in Europe: Mapping its Role in Promoting Cultural Distinctiveness and Transnational Cooperation

Dr Adriana Suárez Delucchi

Alumni Fellow   11/2021 to 10/2022

Decolonial Critiques of Environmental Governance Orders

Liam Swiss

Alumni Fellow   08/2016 to 07/2017

Foreign Aid and the Diffusion of Global Norms

Christian J. Tams

Alumni Fellow   07/2015 to 04/2016

International Litigation as a Factor Affecting Negotiation Processes in Militarised Conflicts

Michele Tedeschini

Alumni Fellow   07/2020 to 06/2021

Assessing the Performative Effect of the NIEO Ideology on Contemporary Projects of South-South Cooperation, With Particular Reference to the BRICS

Margret Thalwitz

Alumni Fellow   from 10/2012

"The Golden Rice Project and the Global Governance of Food"

Andreas Thiel

Alumni Fellow   04/2018 to 03/2019

Polycentric Transnational Governance Analysis

Peter Thiery

Alumni Fellow   09/2012 to 02/2013

Basic insights into the main factors enabling or constraining democracy and democratisation in a pluri-national and pluri-cultural world

Borbala Zsuzsanna Török

Alumni Fellow   03/2021 to 02/2022

Critique of the Liberal State, Private Property and Legal Reform: Late 19th Century Experiences and Their Legacies

Emeka Umejei

Alumni Fellow   09/2021 to 08/2022

US-China Decoupling: Clash of two 'Internets' in Africa

Arild Underdal

Alumni Fellow   03/2017 to 05/2017

Agent-Based Models of Climate Clubs

Winfried Veit

Alumni Fellow   01/2017 to 12/2017

Prospective Migration Policy - Scenario Construction on the Relations between Europe and West Africa

Dr Soetkin Verhaegen

Alumni Fellow   06/2022 to 05/2023

Citizens’ Legitimacy Perceptions in the Context of Multilevel Governance

Prof Dr Johannes Völz

Alumni Fellow

Wanda Vrasti

Alumni Fellow   08/2016 to 10/2016

Surplus Europe: Producing and Governing Relative Surplus Labor in Austerity Germany and Romania

Hung-Jen Wang

Alumni Fellow   09/2012 to 01/2014

China’s Rising Power and Global Governance and Understanding Global Governance and Cooperation: A Comparative Study of the European Union, Great Britain, China, Japan and the United States

Dong Wang

Alumni Fellow   03/2013 to 02/2014

Wouter Werner

Alumni Fellow   03/2018 to 02/2019

Restatements, Narration and Collective Sense Making in International Law

Michael C. Williams

Alumni Fellow   01/2021 to 06/2021

The Radical Right and World Order

Herbert Wulf

Alumni Fellow   10/2012 to 09/2013

India's Foreign Policy and it's Role in Global Governance

Dvora Yanow

Alumni Fellow   04/2016 to 03/2017

Citizen-making by the Numbers: Counting, Category-making, and the State

Fariborz Zelli

Alumni Fellow   09/2016 to 07/2017

The Institutional Fragmentation of Global Governance - Impacts on Cooperation and Legitimation

Shirin Zubair

Alumni Fellow   04/2014 to 09/2014

Language and (Trans)Cultural Identity: Deconstructing Colonial Discourses of English in Postcolonial Pakistan