Dr Malcolm Campbell-Verduyn

Associate Senior Fellow

Related project

Digital Data Governance: Frameworks, Technologies and Controversies

Current affiliation

University of Groningen, International Political Economy



since 01/2019

University of Groningen

Department of International Relations and International Organization

Assistant Professor of International Political Economy


University of Toronto

Department of Political Science

Adjunct Assistant Professor


University of Waterloo

Balsillie School of International Affairs

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Postdoctoral Fellow


McMaster University

Department of Political Science

Ph.D. International Relations

Research Interests

  • Global Governance
  • Finance
  • Technology
  • Materiality
  • Ideas
  • Imaginaries
  • Infrastructures

Current Projects

  • Nick Bernards, Malcolm Campbell-Verduyn and Davi Rodima-Taylor, eds. 'Re-politicizing the Technological Turn in Governance for Sustainable Development'. Environment & Planning C: Politics and Space themed issue.

  • Campbell-Verduyn, Malcolm and Marc Lenglet. 'RegTech in Finance'.

  • Campbell-Verduyn, Malcolm and Francesco Giumelli. 'Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain Technologies and International Sanctions: Continuity and Change in Financial/Security Infrastructures'


Dr Malcom Campbell-Verduyn joined the research group 'Pathways and Mechanisms of global Cooperation' in September 2020 and has been a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre until August 2021.


Research Project at the Centre

Blocking Climate Change or Pathways to Climate Governance? Assessing Transscalar and Transsectoral Experimentation with Blockchain Technologies for Climate Finance

This research evaluates whether applications of blockchain technologies provide pathways for global cooperation in the area of climate finance. It contrasts techno-imaginaries informing developments of this novel set of technologies with projects materializing in evolving partnerships between multinational corporations, civil society groups, governments and international organizations. In assessing whether unfolding blockchain-centered experiments amongst emergent groupings of state and non-state actors provide adequate pathways and mechanisms for climate governance, this project aims to shed light on the possibilities and limits of techno-centric forms of climate governance.


Campbell-Verduyn, Malcolm, Moritz Hütten and Daivi Rodima-Taylor (2020). 'Technology, Small States and the Legitimacy of Digital Development: Combatting De-Risking Through Blockchain-Based Re-Risking?', Journal of International Relations & Development.

Nick Bernards, Malcolm Campbell-Verduyn, Daivi Rodima-Taylor, Jerome Duberry, Quinn Dupont, Andreas Dimmelmeier, Moritz Huetten, Laura Mahrenbach, Tony Porter, and Bernhard Reinsberg, 'Interrogating Technology-Led Experiments in Sustainability Governance', Global Policy.

Campbell-Verduyn, Malcolm, and Moritz Hütten (2019). 'Beyond Scandal: Blockchain Technologies and the Fragile Legitimacy of Post-2008 Finance', Finance and Society, 5 (2): 126-44.

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Campbell-Verduyn, Malcolm (2019). 'What does Technology Do? Blockchains, Co-Production, and Extensions of Liberal Market Governance in Anglo-American Finance', In: Technology and Agency in International Relations, edited by Matthias Leese and Marijn Hoijtink. Routledge. 113-140.

Campbell-Verduyn, Malcolm (2018). 'Bitcoin, Crypto-Coins, and Global Anti-Money Laundering Governance', Crime, Law and Social Change, 69 (2), 283-305.

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