Dr Daniel Gaus

Alumni Fellow

Research Project at the Centre

Cosmopolitanism, Deliberation, and the State – Three Conundrums of Post-National Democracy

Dr. Gaus will examine the current debate on legitimate political order beyond the nation state. The fundamental question is: Is democratisation the answer to legitimacy problems beyond the nation state? He will develop a research programme on post-national democracy based on three axes: 1) moral, 2) procedural and 3) institutional aspects of legitimate governance beyond the state. This project will link up the literature in political/social theory and political science focusing on the research field of democracy, legitimacy and the modern state.

The research in the first half of his fellowship aims to establish a nuanced and systemic overview of the essential conceptual proposals regarding moral, procedural and institutional aspects of post-national democracy. This overview would as well show how these conceptual proposals are related to the context of EU and global governance. In the second half of his fellowship Dr. Gaus will present a critical overview of Habermas’ view on of post-national democracy. This interpretation of Habermas will be further compared with essential conceptual innovations observed in the current literature. The main questions are: To what extent can recent developments in global governance be seen as a continuation of the modern democratic tradition? Do the notional innovations fit in with Habermas’ proposal and thus help refine a context-sensitive view on post-national democracy? 

Dr. Gaus will collaborate with Dr. res. Frank Gadinger, Head of Research Unit 4, on conceptualising a workshop on post-national democracy as a joint project of the research units 3 and 4.


July 2012 – June 2013