Dr Esref Aksu

Alumni Fellow

Research Project at the Centre

The research project is entitled: "Global Governance Reconsidered: A Conceptual Approach".

Dr. Aksu's future research will map existing attempts at conceptual clarification of “global governance” and identify the problems they entail. Against the backdrop of this extant literature, Esref Aksu sets out to make the case that the concept of global governance is most interesting, innovative, and promising (in its combined analytical and normative effect) when we keep the spotlight on the “global governance of not-so-global issues”, precisely because this notion relates to how “global(ised)” issues are created out of nonglobal ones through the involvement of multiple dynamics and actors. It is mostly here that alternative frameworks (e.g. the regime theory, interdependence approach, globalisation perspective, world system theory) remain theoretically insufficient.


January – June 2013