Prof. David Carment, Ph.D.

Alumni Senior Fellow

Research Project at the Centre

Diaspora and Fragile States: Assessing the Theoretical and Policy Linkages

This project is motivated by two concerns. First, much of the research that assesses diaspora linkages tends to be built around a relatively small sample of experiences. There is therefore a need for further refinement of the complex relationship between diaspora communities, and their transnational social networks. Second, the potential benefits of diaspora are not sufficiently documented, strategized and made policy relevant (Shain and Barth 2003, World Bank 2012). Research clearly shows that many diaspora mobilize to support their causes, but this often creates unevenness in outcomes, inequalities in access to resources and it can inhibit a cohesive, principled policy strategy. There is, as a result, a pressing need to develop and deepen relationships between diaspora communities and policy makers (Rae 2012, Prest et al 2009). Despite a growing body of research on the impact of diaspora, more information is required to answer the following question: what are the implications of diaspora processes, linkages and relationships for the way in which global development policies  are directed to fragile states?


November 2014 – June 2015