Prof. David Chandler

Alumni Senior Fellow

Research Project at the Centre

Legitimacy Crises and Public Protests

During the second part of his stay at the Centre, David Chandler will be working on the 'Legitimacy crises and public protests' project, particularly as this relates to the mapping/perceptions of time and space. As part of this project, he will be convening a Käte Hamburger Dialogue on 'Mercator, Mapping and the Digital' and a workshop on the same theme towards the end of his stay. Legitimacy in modernity depended on the ability to govern space, today with the speed of digital communication and exchange it seems that the governance of time is now central to securing in the Anthropocene. In this shift, mapping as a technology is transformed: the ability to trace/draw together connections and relations to predict the future or to adapt in 'real time' becomes more important than the spatial ability to sort and order distinct entities according to fixed locations or positions. Attempts to govern time through alternative phenomenologies of mapping and through developing new technological sensory assemblages of responsivity thus become central to the contestation of legitimacy and development of new political alternatives of human and more-than-human cooperation.


October 2012 – June 2013