Prof. Dr Manjiao Chi

Alumni Senior Fellow

Research Project at the Centre

China’s Legal Culture and Its Participation in Global Governance

China has become the second biggest economy in the world. Yet, its participation in global governance does not match its economic status. It is the aspiration of both the international community and China’s current leadership for China to take more responsibility in international affairs and to play a bigger role in global governance. China’s legal culture can play an important role in shaping its policy and in influencing its attitudes towards global governance. This cross-disciplinary research combines studies of culture, law and international relations, aims at exploring how China should enhance its participation in global governance from different perspectives, especially from the angle of China’s participation in international dispute settlement. It also explores the enhancing/positive and impeding/negative impacts of China’s legal culture on global governance, and how China should adapt its culture and policy to meet its need of enhancing participation in global governance.


September 2014 – August 2015