Prof. Faten Ghosn

Alumni Senior Fellow

Research Project at the Centre

Getting to the Table & Getting to Yes: A New Outlook on Negotiations

The main aim of the project is to analyze negotiations as a strategy of states by focusing on two key research questions: 1) why do states decide to negotiate? And 2) given that states are negotiating, what factors lead them to reach an agreement? Building on the negotiation literature, one can divide these factors into two categories: macro-level variables related to the disagreement itself and to the parties involved, and micro-level variables related to the negotiations themselves. Most studies have focused on the former with little empirical work done on the latter. However, by focusing solely on the factors related to the dispute and disputants we ignore the potential importance of the dynamic nature of the negotiations themselves, which in turn could have an impact on whether or not an agreement is reached. As a result, I argue that to have a better understanding of negotiation outcomes we need to start by analyzing why states decide to negotiate in the first place, and second, once they are at the negotiating table how do macro and micro-level variables interact to impact the outcome of the negotiations.


June – July 2017