Prof. Noemi Gal-Or, Ph.D., LL.B.

Alumni Senior Fellow

Research Project at the Centre

Global Governance in Flux: Justice Institutions, International Responsibility, and Cultural Diversity

Noemi Gal-Or’s research explores the nature and role of justice in a global world order. Building on previous work in the areas of security, trade and investment, dispute settlement, regional integration, migration, and gender, Gal-Or is focusing on variations in notions of justice and institutional justice arrangements. She examines the distinction between terms such as accountability and responsibility, and transnationalism and internationalism, and explores their legal versus political meanings. The central subjects of inquiry are non-state actors - international organisations, multinational enterprises, and armed organised groups. In the course of this exploration, the boundaries separating, but also the interface joining, the disciplines of international relations and law are being elucidated.


October 2013 – April 2014