The Published Research Findings

Given its particular area of interest, and its status as a publicly funded research-body, the Centre for Global Cooperation Research is a firm adherent of open-access thinking. In this spirit, it is keen to make the results of its work freely available to anyone, lay or expert, with an interest in the issues that concern it.

The Centre’s research findings are published in a variety of formats:

Global Dialogues

The ‘Global Dialogues’ series reflects the kind of intellectual and interdisciplinary exchange that lies at the core of the Centre’s activities. Targeted at a broad-ranging specialist readership, it spotlights particular topics from a variety of standpoints.

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Global Cooperation Research Papers

The ‘Research Papers’ series is intended to reflect the latest state of research at the Centre. Individual issues are based on ideas that have emerged from in-depth exploration at one of the Centre’s Research Colloquiums. Papers may be submitted either by permanent Centre staff or by visiting academics and their research partners.

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Annual Reports

The Annual Report offers an overview of ongoing research and other activities at the Centre. As well as a thematic look-back over the year, and reports from the various areas of research (the ‘Factory Report’), it includes news of events held during the reporting period (‘Cherries’), profiles of the fellows, a complete list of publications, and the yearly ‘Global Cooperation Outlook’.

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Routledge Global Cooperation Series

The Routledge Global Cooperation series develops innovative approaches to understanding, explaining and answering one of the most pressing questions of our time – how can cooperation in a culturally diverse world of nine billion people succeed? This interdisciplinary series is edited by the Directors of the Käte Hamburger Kolleg / Centre for Global Cooperation Research Tobias Debiel, Claus Leggewie and Dirk Messner.

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Other Publications

In order to encourage ongoing dialogue with the academic community, we include, under this heading, any publication by staff or fellows of the Centre that explores themes relating to their specified area of research. The list is continually updated and cites both open and non-open sources.

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