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Dr Andrea Schapper

Alumni Fellows

Käte Hamburger Kolleg / Centre for Global Cooperation Research
Schifferstraße 44
47059 Duisburg

Tel:  +49 (0)203 379-5230
Fax: +49 (0)203 379-5276
E-mail: schapper@spam


Dr. Andrea Schapper joined the Käte Hamburger Kolleg / Centre for Global Cooperation Research as a Fellow. She conducted her research in Research Unit 3 'Global Governance Revisited' from April to September 2016 and from June to July 2017.

Research Project at the Centre

'Righteous Climate Policies': Exploring State-Society Interactions for Institutionalizing Human Rights in International Climate Treaties

In this research project, I explore how procedural human rights become institutionalized in international environmental agreements and specifically in climate policies. One basic assumption underlying this project is that transnational advocacy networks (TANs) persuade and/or pressure states to vote for an institutionalization of procedural rights into climate policy instruments. Hence, civil society activities at the international climate conferences and close state-society interaction build an important part of the explanans in this study. TANs involve local community groups (who yield information on rights violations in climate policy implementation to the international negotiation process), international civil society actors but also international organizations, like the Human Rights Council (HRC) and UNICEF. In this project I investigate how TANs foster institutional interaction between the climate and the human rights regime.

Research Interests

  • International Relations and Global Governance
  • Human Rights
  • Environmental and Climate Change Politics
  • Development
  • Cooperation of International Organizations and Civil Society
  • Transnational Advocacy Networks
  • Qualitative Research Methods

Current Projects

  • Human Rights Institutionalization in International Climate Agreements
  • Civil Society Participation in International State Negotiations
  • Climate Justice Practices
  • Procedural Human Rights in Climate Policies


Since 09/2015 University of Stirling, UK
Division of History and Politics
Lecturer in International Politics
03/2012-09/2015 Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany
Institute of Political Science, Research Group on International Relations
Research Fellow
10/2011-02/2012 Technische Universität Kaiserslautern, Germany
Department of Social Sciences, Research Group on International Organizations
Research Fellow
10/2010-09/2011 University of Hildesheim, Germany
Institute of Social Sciences, Political Science
Research Fellow
09/2006-09/2010 Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences, Germany
Global Integration Program
PhD Fellow
01/2009-06/2009 Cornell University, USA
Graduate School for Asian Studies
Visiting PhD Candidate
07/2007 United Nations Office at Geneva, Switzerland
United Nations Graduate Study Program
Post-Graduate Student
09/2005-08/2006 International Labour Organization (ILO), Geneva, Switzerland
International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour (ILO/IPEC) and International Programme on Safety and Health at Work and the Environment (ILO/SAFEWORK)
Carlo-Schmid Scholar and International Consultant
10/2000-07/2005 Leibniz-Universität Hannover, Germany
Institute of Political Science
Diploma in Social Sciences (focus on International Relations)

Selected Publications

Schapper, Andrea (2017): Children’s Rights Implementation as a Multi-level Governance Process, in: Human Rights Quarterly 39 (1): 104–29.

Wallbott, Linda and Schapper, Andrea (2017): Negotiating By Own Standards? The Use and Validity of Human Rights Norms in UN Climate Negotiations, in: International Environmental Agreements: Politics, Law and Economics 17: 209–28.

Jenichen, Anne and Schapper, Andrea (2017): Between Global Ambitions and Local Change: How Multi-level Cooperation Advances Norm Implementation in Weak State Contexts, in: Journal of International Relations and Development 20 (1): 1–28.

Schapper, Andrea (2017): Multi-level Actor Partnerships for Implementing Children’s Rights, in: Bonacker, Thorsten et al. (eds.), Localization in Development Aid: How Global Institutions Enter Local Lifeworlds, London and New York: Routledge, 19–39.

Wallbott, Linda and Andrea Schapper (2017): Climate Justice Practices in the Anthropocene: Assessing Strategies of Human Rights and Gender Advocacy Networks in the UNFCCC, in: Matthew, Richard et al. (eds.), The Social Ecology of the Anthropocene: Continuity and Change in Global Environmental Politics, Singapore: World Scientific Publishers, 367–91.

Schapper, Andrea (2017): The Right to Education and Development: Government and Governance in Bangladesh’s Implementation Strategies, in: Hasenkamp, Miao-ling Lin (ed.), Menschenrechte, Entwicklung und Governance in der internationalen Politik - Zielkonflikt oder Konvergenz? Münster: LIT-Verlag, 191–216.

Schapper, Andrea (2015): Das menschliche Antlitz des Klimawandels <The Human Face of Climate Change>, in: Jugend Denkt Um.Welt (ed.), Tree of Hope: Wie wir die Welt verändern können. Handbuch für Globales Denken und Lokales Handeln, Kellner Verlag: Bremen, 375–81.

Schapper, Andrea and Lederer, Markus (eds.) (2014): Climate Change and Human Rights: Mapping Institutional Inter-linkages, in: Cambridge Review of International Affairs, Special Journal Issue 27 (4): 666–760.

Schapper, Andrea and Lederer, Markus (2014): Introduction. Climate Change and Human Rights: Mapping Institutional Inter-linkages, in: Cambridge Review of International Affairs 27 (4): 666–79.

Schapper, Andrea (2014): From the Global to the Local: How International Rights Reach Bangladesh's Children, London and New York: Routledge (Book Series: Law, Development and Globalization).

Schapper, Andrea (2014): Der globale Klimawandel aus menschenrechtlicher Perspektive <Global Climate Change from a Human Rights Perspective>, in: Dannecker, Petra and Rodenberg, Birte (eds.), Klimaveränderung, Umwelt und Geschlechterverhältnisse im Wandel—neue interdisziplinäre Ansätze und Perspektiven, Münster: Westfälisches Dampfboot, 48–80.

Schapper, Andrea, Fleschenberg, Andrea and Kneuer, Marianne (eds.) (2013): Globale Normen zwischen Anspruch und Wirklichkeit <Global Norms Between Aim and Reality>, Baden-Baden: Nomos.

Schapper, Andrea (2013): Kinderrechte zwischen globalem Anspruch und lokaler Wirklichkeit <Children's Rights Between Global Aims and Local Reality>, in: Schapper, Andrea, Fleschenberg, Andrea and Kneuer, Marianne (eds.), Globale Normen zwischen Anspruch und Wirklichkeit, Baden–Baden: Nomos, 123–58.

Schapper, Andrea (2013): Globale Normen zwischen Anspruch und Wirklichkeit: Eine Einleitung <Global Norms Between Aims and Reality: an Introduction>, in: Schapper, Andrea, Fleschenberg, Andrea and Kneuer, Marianne (eds.), Globale Normen zwischen Anspruch und Wirklichkeit, Baden–Baden: Nomos, 9–34.

Schapper, Andrea (2010): Global Child Rights and Local Change: Evidence from Bangladesh, in: Journal of Human Security 6 (1): 3–21.

Schapper, Andrea (2009): From the Global to the Local: How International Children’s Rights in Bangladesh Reach the Grassroots’ Level, in: Consilience: The Journal for Sustainable Development 1 (2) (Columbia University: New York).

Teaching Responsibilities

  • University of Stirling, UK (Module coordination and teaching in the modules 'Human Rights in International Politics', 'The United Nations in a Globalized World', 'International Organizations', 'Political Concepts and Ideas', teaching 'Research Methods for Politics Dissertation' and BA/MA/MSc/PhD Dissertation Supervision
  • Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany (Teaching at BA and MA level, Supervision at BA and MA level)
  • University of Kaiserslautern, Germany (Teaching at BA and MA level, Supervision at BA and MA level)
  • University of Hildesheim, Germany (Teaching at BA and MA level, Supervision at BA and MA level)
  • University of Bremen, Germany (Teaching at BA level)

Expertise and Consulting Work

  • Academic Coordinator of the Human Rights and Climate Change Working Group at the UN Climate Conferences (UNFCCC)
  • International Consultant for the International Labour Organization (ILO)
  • Oxford University Press (Reviewer)
  • Journal of International Relations and Development (Reviewer)
  • Children and Youth Services Review (Reviewer)
  • Zeitschrift für Außen- und Sicherheitspolitik (Reviewer)
  • Zeitschrift für Friedens-und Konfliktforschung (Reviewer)

Seminars and Conferences

  • Organization of the conference: 'Damned by Dams: Artefacts of Modernization and Conflicts of Transformation' (together with Christian Scheper und Christine Unrau), Centre for Global Cooperation Research, University of Duisburg-Essen, October 2017.
  • Organization of the workshop: 'Conflict Resolution and Just Transition to a Green Economy' (together with Callum McCormick), University of Stirling, October 2017.
  • Organization of the Panel: 'Scales and Scopes of Climate Justice Practices' (together with Katharina Glaab and Linda Wallbott), ISA Annual Convention in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, February 2015.
  • Organization of the Conference: 'Menschenrechte im Konflikt' (together with Sina Kowalewski, Human Rights Working Group of the German Political Science Association (DVPW) in cooperation with the Schader–Foundation in Darmstadt, July 2014.
  • Organization of the Panel: 'Climate Change and Human Rights' (together with Markus Lederer), ISA Annual Convention in San Francisco, California, USA, March 2013.
  • Organization of the Conference: 'Menschenrechtsschutz jenseits staatlicher Grenzen' (together with Sina Schüssler, Human Rights Working Group of the German Political Science Association (DVPW) in cooperation with the Schader-Foundation in Darmstadt, October 2013.


  • International Studies Association (Human Rights Section, Environmental Studies Section)
  • German Political Science Association (Co-Chair of the Human Rights Working Group)
  • Human Rights and Climate Change Working Group (UNFCCC)
  • Centre for Environment, Heritage and Policy, University of Stirling (UK)
  • Centre of Policy, Conflict and Cooperation Research, University of Stirling (UK)


  • Nominated for the RATE Teaching Award in the categories Teaching Excellence in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities und I <3 My Tutor Award, University of Stirling, UK (2017)
  • Monograph 'From the Global to the Local: How International Rights Reach Bangladesh's Children' was nominated for the Best Book Award of the ISA Human Rights Section (2015)
  • ProProfessur Scholar - selected participant of the mentoring program of the Universities of Hesse aiming at promoting young female professors (2014 and 2015)
  • Funding of the Schader-Foundation for the Annual Meeting of the Working Group on Human Rights of the German Political Science Association in Darmstadt, acquired together with Dr. Sina Kowalewski (2013 and 2014) 
  • Dissertation Completion Grant of the University of Bremen (2010)
  • Dissertation Grant of the Volkswagen Foundation and the University of Bremen (2006–2010)
  • Fellowship for PhD Research Studies at Cornell University of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) (2009)
  • Tuition Stipend of the South Asia Program, Graduate School for Asian Studies, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, USA (2009)

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