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Success factors and pitfalls of external democracy promotion

30.04.2013 32nd Forum on Global Issues, 7 May 2013
The 32nd Forum on Global Issues, organised by the Federal Foreign Office in cooperation with SEF and INEF, will take place on 7 May 2013 in Berlin. Launched back in 1999, the forum addresses a wide range of global challenges and brings together state and non-state actors in international politics to discuss and exchange views.

Dr. Markus Böckenförde (LL.M.) will contribute to this year's discussion on current challenges of external democracy promotion as chair of the first panel “The first step is always the hardest: constitution building between local and universal conceptions of legitimacy”. The panel will investigate the role of the constitutional process in young democracies. Another contributor from the Centre will be Senior Fellow Prof. Stephen Brown. As a panellist in the second panel, “The weal and woe of elections – about the function and risks of elections in the process of democratization”, he will discuss the opportunities and risks of elections in transition countries. Finally, the third panel, “Democracy promotion in a revolutionary context – the Arab Spring”, will try to bring light to the characteristics of the recent upheavals in the Arab world. The conference will be concluded by Prof. Tobias Debiel as closing speaker.

Venue: Europasaal Foreign Office, Berlin

Translation in German, English and French will be provided.

Programme with registration form (German)

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