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'Aus Politik und Zeitgeschichte': Centre researchers contribute to debate on international security architecture

09.09.2013 The latest issue of 'Aus Politik und Zeitgeschichte' focuses on international security—a particularly urgent theme at present. At the invitation of this flagship publication, produced by the 'German Federal Agency for Civic Education', seven of the Centre’s visiting researchers, hailing from four different continents, seek to throw light on topical issues and potential perils on the theme ‘Security and Cooperation’. The essays also provide a glimpse of the kinds of questions currently under investigation at the Centre. ‘They sometimes challenge our preconceptions as to what a discussion about “international security” should comprise’, says Dr Markus Böckenförde, the Centre’s Executive Director, ‘and in doing so enrich what may be rather well-worn areas of debate.’

In the journal’s editorial, Asiye Öztürk underlines the urgent need for progress towards a global security architecture and calls for reforms in the application and implementation of international legal provisions. Rules and regulations of the kind enforceable via global commercial law are lacking when it comes to global security governance—‘for regulating the international arms-trade, for example’. New approaches leading to ‘inclusive global cooperation’ (Öztürk) are therefore more urgently required than ever. The essays by the Centre’s researchers are intended as a contribution, by cooperation-research, to possible advances in this direction.

M. Böckenförde · S. Mallavarapu · A. Jeng · H. Niemann · S. Brown · S. Van Beurden · H. Wulf · M. Thalwitz: "Sicherheit und Kooperation", in: Aus Politik und Zeitgeschichte (63:37, 9 September 2013)

Read/Download (German) APuZ 'Internationale Sicherheit' (9 Sept 2013)

Essays by the Centre’s Visiting Researchers:

Siddharth Mallavarapu
Schutzverantwortung als neues Machtinstrument?
[Responsibility to Protect as a New Instrument of Power?]

Holger Niemann (INEF Duisburg)
Sicherheitsrat der Vereinten Nationen – alles nur Rhetorik?
[The United Nations Security Council—Nothing but Rhetoric?]

Abou Jeng
Internationale Ordnung - Suche nach Alternativen?
[International Order—The Search for Alternatives?]

Stephen Brown
Aufarbeiten politischer Gewalt - Beispiel Kenia
[Dealing with the Experience of Political Violence—The Example of Kenya]

Sarah van Beurden
Internationale Politik des kulturellen Eigentums
[The International Politics of Cultural Property]

Herbert Wulf
Indien, China und die drei K
[India, China, and the Three Cs]

Margret Thalwitz
Hunger und globale Sicherheit
[Hunger and global Security]

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