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Cooperation and Dialogue had been awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize

09.10.2015 The Tunisian Quartet - composed of the Tunisian General Labour Union, the Tunisian Union for Industry, the Tunisian Human Rights League, and the Tunisian Order of Lawyers / Bar Association - received the Nobel Peace Prize for having saved the transitional process after the fall of former dictator Ben Ali from collapsing.

The decisive moment for the four civil society organisations came in August 2013: After the National Constituent Assembly was heavily gridlocked and the assassination of one of its members sparked a deep political crisis, they initiated a national dialogue process that created space for both, dialogue between political parties and compromise within the National Constituent Assembly (NCA). As a result, despite remaining controversies, a compromise document was adopted in January 2014 with an overwhelming majority, becoming the new constitution of the country.

The Centre appreciates that the Nobel Prize committee has awarded this ongoing process at a time where Tunisia has to struggle for its democratic values again.

As Dr Markus Böckenförde, Executive Director of the Centre for Global Cooperation Research and an expert in international law, underlined that 'Tunisia so far is the only country in the region that despite all remaining challenges remains on its path to become a consolidated democracy'.

Dr Böckenförde participated as an international expert in consultations with the NCA during the constitution building process in 2013. The Centre itself organized a Global Dialogue event on 'Religion and Politics in Post-Revolutionary Tunisia' in May 2014, inviting among others much debated filmmaker Nadia El Fani ('Laicité inch'allah'). In a recent publication 'The Tunisian Constitutional Process: Main Actors and Key Issues', edited by Mathieu Rousselin and Christopher Smith, related legal, constitutional and civil society issues are debated in detail.

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