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The Centre Launched Its Official Website

17.09.2012 Käte Hamburger Kolleg / Centre for Global Cooperation Research is excited to announce the launch of its official website. The site would complement the work of the Centre and will help us realise one of our main goals to encourage knowledge exchange between our Centre, academics, diplomats, practitioners and interested public worldwide. The website allows users to access information about the Centre, our interdisciplinary research fellows, their research topics, upcoming events and the published research findings.

Commenting on the launch, Prof. Dr. Tobias Debiel, Managing Director of the Centre, said "In order to achieve a clearly-structured yet modern website with a touch of personality, the Centre takes up a courageous concept of colour." Six core colours of each site area reflect the idea of internationality and interdisciplinarity of the Centre. A clean, easier-to-navigate design template helps our users to quickly access the searched information. The website also features an innovative selection tool called "Filter", which enables our users to personalise the site by interactively selecting the information presented on the pages.

Based on the main research focus "cooperation", the Centre recognises its obligation for the "Open-Access" concept. The Centre is, therefore, committed to make our research findings and relevant documents available to interested publics with no limitation. "It should bring down the barriers for both German and international users to participate in our work." Prof. Debiel.

In the coming months, the website will be complemented by future features including "Online Handbook" and the social media platform "facebook". These additional elements will keep the users informed of the current status of our research and will enhance the communication between the Centre and the users.

"Teatime at Käte"

The Centre celebrated the launch of its official website with coffee and cake. Celebrating with us were our colleagues who have supported and accompanied us through the founding phase.

Following the warm thank you speech held by Prof. Dr. Debiel, Dr. Markus Böckenförde, Executive Director of the Centre, gave the guests a brief insight into the development of the corporate design and the Centre’s website. Subsequently, the “Käte-Cake” is cut. As the get-together was concluded, the guest brought home the KHK / GCR21 coffee mug.

Photos of the teatime     

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