The Global Cooperation Podcast

About the Podcast

Cooperadio – The Global Cooperation Podcast investigates the current state and future of Global Cooperation during and after the Covid-19 pandemic. Directed toward both scholars and the general listener, the topics for individual podcast episodes largely arise from current research being done at the Centre, but the scope has also been extended into further areas of interest.

The podcast represents a building block in the larger transfer strategy of the Centre. Key amongst its foundational aims is the intention to extend the Centre’s research agenda to a wider audience in order to initiate reflections on how this diffuse system of Global Cooperation takes place in all facets of our lives.

Episodes of Cooperadio generally feature two segments. The first segment takes the form of an interview with a prominent scholar weighing-in on the topic at hand, while the second puts the spotlight on the research of one of KHK’s talented Fellows. Topics and guests are introduced by members of the Events Team and interviews are moderated by Senior Researcher and Policy Field Convener Lauren Eastwood, Centre Director Sigrid Quack and Co-Director Jan Aart Scholte. 

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