Global Cooperation Re:search 2013

DOI: 10.14282/2198-042X-AR-2

Annual Report 2

In its second year, the Centre welcomed 31 fellows from 5 continents basing their research in more than 8 disciplines about relevant issues on global cooperation. This diversity created a remarkable dynamic reflecting “Denkfreiräume” (free space for thoughts and reflection), the overall motto under which the Ministry of Education and Research initiated the establishment of altogether ten Käte Hamburger Centers.

As spotlighted in this report, the approach to and understanding of the overarching term ‘global cooperation’ differed considerably among fellows, often depending on their discipline and/or their country of origin. Despite these differences (or rather because of them?), fellows at the Centre felt the need to foster the mutual understanding and to benefit from the knowledge and methods of other disciplines. Corresponding to their request, the Inhouse&Guests workshops came into existence. Initiated and organized by fellows it offers the opportunity to discuss pertinent questions that emerged during the work at the Centre among each other (together with external experts), across research clusters and disciplines and beyond the individual research agendas.

Let us as well as our fellows invite you to learn more about the possibilities (and limits) of the research on global cooperation.