Global Cooperation Re:search 2016

DOI: 10.14282/2198-042X-AR-5

Annual Report 5

The events of 2016 demonstrated in spectacular fashion that regional and international cooperation is not onedirectional, even among democratic states. On the contrary, the majority vote for Brexit in the UK, the discord in the European Union (EU) over the attempt to find a joint solution to the challenges posed by the refugee crisis, and a US election campaign in which the victor was able to garner votes by promising to pull out of or renegotiate international environmental and trade agreements based on ‘America First’ are telling examples. They are a wakeup call, reinforcing the message that global cooperation is not a steady state which can always be relied on and expanded if necessary, but a process which requires ongoing and active efforts if it is to be sustained.

The fifth annual report covers the research and activities by the Centre's staff and fellows in 2016. This includes the examination of the role of fiction and narratives, the work on the failure to establish adequate refugee protection through global cooperation as well as the in-depth analyses of the dynamics of negotiations in international forums. These are just three examples mentioned here to whet your curiosity about our annual report. We wish you an inspiring and enjoyable read.