Briefing: Populism and Global Cooperation

Keywords: ideology, people, elite, nationalism, radicalism, identity, race, purity, integration, homogeneity, home, homeland, freedom of expression

When looking at the relationship between populism and global cooperation through the prism of narrative analysis, it could be asked, what it is that makes the story of ‘globalism’ and ‚anti-globalism’ appealing. Trump’s slogan of ‘Make America Great Again’ already contains the condensed version of a plot, which is closely linked with globalization: it conveys the message that certain hostile forces have made America lose its greatness and that a ‘hero’ character like Trump is needed to restore it by consequently applying another prominent motto: ‘America first’. This motto, which also appears in a number of national varieties, is diametrically opposed to one which was influential around the turn of the millennium: ‘Another World is Possible’. Instead of emphasizing the unique importance of one state, this slogan expressed the vision of changing the world as a whole without stopping the process of growing global interconnectedness.