Global Cooperation Research - A Quarterly Magazine

1 / 2019

The Centre's Research Agenda, EU Governance

Fokus: The Centre's Evolving Research Agenda
1st Annual Conference
‘The EU has always been inventive in the application of rules’
Interview with Prof. Wolfram Kaiser

Dear Readers,
It is with great pleasure that I introduce to you the first issue of the Centre for Global Cooperation Research’s freshly designed and expanded quarterly newsletter, now labelled 'Global Cooperation Research – A Quarterly Magazine'. Besides news and reports from the Centre, it draws more closely on the actual research at the Centre and includes a special section on a current policy issue relevant for cooperation research.
In two sections, both of the Centre’s research groups, 'Pathways and Mechanisms of Global Cooperation' as well as 'Global Cooperation and Polycentric Governance' sketch out their research agenda for the first three-year sequence of the funding period (2018–2021) and highlight selected individual research projects by fellows in the respective research groups.

From the Editorial by Executive Director Matthias Schuler