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1 / 2021

Practice Theory and Security Studies





New Voices, New Directions: Why International Practice Theory Has Not Yet Disappeared
Frank Gadinger (Centre for Global Cooperation Research)


Practice Theory and Security Studies

Practice Theories and Critical Security Studies
Ingvild Bode (University of Southern Denmark)

Practice Theory, Tacit Knowledge, and Changes in Peacekeeping Practice
Marion Laurence (Canadian Defence Academy)

A Postcolonial Practice Theory? (Post)colonial Fields and the Global Circulation of Policing Practices
Lou Pingeot (McGill University)

The Tragic Practice of Prevention
Pol Bargués (Barcelona Centre for International Affairs) and Jessica Schmidt (Independent Researcher)

China’s Strategic Practices in the Belt and Road Initiative
Max Lesch (Zeppelin University) and Dylan Loh (Nanyang Technical University, Singapore)



Power and Practice in Global Politics: From Private Security to the Global Right
A Talk with Centre fellows Rita Abrahamsen and Michael C. Williams


Fellow Project

Representants and International Orders
Alena Drieschova (Postdoc Research Fellow)


Remembering Elena Pulcini
Christine Unrau


Centre's New Fellows Spring/Summer 2021
Upcoming Events (Overview)
Research Papers Series
Selected Publications


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