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1 / 2022

Perspectives on the War in Ukraine

Special Editors: Patricia Rinck and Tobias Debiel



Perspectives on the War in Ukraine

Perspectives on the War in Ukraine - An Introduction
Patricia Rinck and Tobias Debiel

What Makes Ukraine Resilient in the Asymmetric War?
Oksana Huss

Women’s Participation in Defending Ukraine in Russia’s War
Tamara Martsenyuk

Seeing Beyond ‘Either/Or’: Global South’s Dilemmas on the Ukraine Crisis
Siddharth Tripathi

The War in Ukraine Shows It’s Time for a New Way to Ensure Security in Europe
David Carment and Dani Belo


Event Reports

Misogyny and Masculinity: Using Gender to Understand Extremism, 47th Käte Hamburger Lecture with Elizabeth Pearson
Victoria Derrien

Refuge: How the State Shapes Human Potential, 6th Global Migration Lecture with Heba Gowayed
Bianca Sola Claudio

Visual Methods in Global Cooperation Research, International Workshop & Visuality and the Populist Appeal, 24th Käte Hamburger Dialogue
Victoria Derrien, Andrew Costigan

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Bonn International Centre for Conversion (BICC), Leibniz-Institut Hessische Stiftung Friedens- und Konfliktforschung (HSFK), Institut für Friedensforschung und Sicherheitspolitik an der Universität Hamburg (IFSH) and Institut für Entwicklung und Frieden (INEF) (2022) (eds). Friedensgutachten 2022: Friedensfähig in Kriegszeiten (Martin Wolf)

Budnitsky, Stanislav (2022). ‘A Relational Approach to Digital Sovereignty: e-Estonia Between Russia and the West’ (Andrew Costigan)

Doerr, Nicole and Gardner, Beth Gharrity (2022). ‘After the Storm: Translating the US Capitol Storming in Germany’s Right-Wing Digital Media Ecosystem’ (Andrew Costigan)

Liste, Philip (2022). 'Tax Robbery Incorporated: The Transnational Legal Infrastructures of Tax Arbitrage' (Martin Wolf)

Wouter Werner (2022). Repetition and International Law (Martin Wolf)


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