Global Cooperation Research - A Quarterly Magazine

2 / 2020

Pandemic Perspectives, The Americas

This magazine aims at contributing to emerging debates about global cooperation in the current crisis, as well as reporting about current and upcoming projects and publications in the Centre’s established research and policy fields.

Pandemic Perspectives
Multi-level Governance of Global Health: Lessons from Covid-19
Gail Lythgoe and Christian J. Tams

Wearing a Face Mask in Everyday Life – About Recalibrations in the Interactional
Infrastructure of Global Cooperation
Clemens Eisenmann and Christian Meyer

In the Shadow of the Pandemic: Four Trends Based on the Peace Report 2020
Tobias Debiel and Johannes Vüllers
Interview with Tobias Debiel

The Americas
Child Labour Opponents and their Campaigns in Global Perspective, 1888-1938
Nina Schneider

Narratives of Migration Beyond Sentimental Stories? Impressions from Brazil
Christine Unrau

Fellow Projects
Clash of Imaginaries in Conflict and Resistance: Bonds of Shared Pain versus
Strategic Partnerships
Amya  Agarwal

Dynamics of Salient Social Identities, Status Dimensions, and Contestation in
Multilateral Diplomacy
Catherine Hecht

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