Global Cooperation Research - A Quarterly Magazine

3 / 2019

'Chinese are drawn into the domestic power game'
Christof Hartmann on a twofold dynamic and the political turn in China-Africa relationships
'They cannot influence by remote control'
Legal and Africa scholar Katrin Seidel observes and reflects on international rule-of-law engagement in emerging South Sudan
'Where you have linguistic diversity, you have a hierarchy'
A talk with sociolinguist Florian Coulmas about languages, power and society
Maryam Zarnegar Deloffre, Accountability in Humanitarian Governance
Andrés López Rivera, Amazonia: Matters of Fact and Matters of Concern
Global Cooperation Research Paper Series continued

This issue of Global Cooperation Quarterly takes a critical look at current developments on the African continent. Christof Hartmann explores issues of African agency in the context of Chinese development strategies. Katrin Seidel analyses the local limitations of international rule-of-law engagements in South Sudan. Other contributions combine personal impressions from fieldwork with reflections on research on struggles over land in Mozambique, international politics and the rights of LGBT people in Africa as well as the situation of African diaspora in Austria. The African Kaleidoscope concludes with a report by Martin Wolf on the recent Africa Film Festival on ‘Fundamentalism and Migration’ in Cologne.

From the Introduction by Sigrid Quack