Global Cooperation Research - A Quarterly Magazine

3 / 2020

Global Commons

This magazine aims at contributing to emerging debates about global cooperation in the current crisis, as well as reporting about current and upcoming projects and publications in the Centre’s established research and policy fields.

At a glance

Global Commons
Re-Valuing the Global Commons (Isabel Feichtner)
From Global Commons to Global Arctic (Maren Hofius)
Commonswashing – A Political Communication Struggle (Mélanie Dulong de Rosnay)

In Honour of Amartya Sen, Initiator of Global Cooperation par Excellence (Bettina Mahlert)

‘Urgency’ and ‘Responsibility’ in Global Cooperation - Covid-19 and Beyond    
Conference Report

New Fellows at the Centre
Aguerre, Campbell-Verduyn, Dinh, Drieschova, Sautchuk Patrício, Tedeschini, Xue Holz

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