Global Cooperation Research - A Quarterly Magazine

3-4 / 2021

Climate and Sustainability: Major Challenge For Global Cooperation

Special Issue
Guest Editor: Lauren Eastwood



Global Cooperation Research and Climate - Angles for Shedding Light on Complex Problems
Lauren Eastwood

Carbon Markets in a Net-Zero World - A Policy Brief
Regina Betz and Paula Castro

Talking Past Each Other - On Moral Hazard in Solar Radiation Management Research
Umberto Sconfienza

Justice and Human Rights Concerns at COP26 - The Whitest and Most Exclusive Climate Negotiations in Decades?
Andrea Schapper

The Waning of Neoliberalism - Global Climate Governance in Transition
Franz Mauelshagen

#UprootTheSystem - Exploring Fridays for Future’s Visual Climate Storytelling
David Shim and Gijs de Vries

Corona, Glasgow, and Beyond - Rethinking Environmental Politics Through the Lens of Critical Fantasy Studies
Ayşem Mert



Event Reports

Heinrich Barth, A Forgotten Mastermind of Euro-African Cooperation (workshop, lectures and 21st Käte Hamburger Dialogue)

Peace- and Statebuilding in Afghanistan: Partial Success or Predictable Failure? (22nd Käte Hamburger Dialogue)

Midterm Conference 2021: Looking Back and Forward Together


Centre's New Fellows

Maria Koinova, Maryam Zarnegar Deloffre, Frank Gadinger, Zeynep Sahin Mencutek, Jan Aart Scholte and Jens Steffek (2021). ‘It’s Ordered Chaos: What Really Makes Polycentrism Work’, International Studies Review (Forum publication)

Jens Steffek (2021). International Organization as Technocratic Utopia. Oxford University Press

Selected Publications



Global Cooperation Research - A Quarterly Magazine, Vol. 3, No. 3-4 Special Issue, November 2021

ISSN 2629-3080 (online)