Global Cooperation Research - A Quarterly Magazine

4 / 2019

Internet Governance
Internet Governance on the Move (Martin Wolf)
UN GGE and OEWG and Their Implications for International Cybersecurity (Ilona Stadnik)
Highlights from IGF Panels
Why Populism Will Not Trash International Organizations (Jens Steffek)
Migration as a Human Right? (Stefania Maffeis)
Games that Change the Future? - ‘Enter Africa’
European Parliament Research Service Annual Lecture, Interview with Wolfram Kaiser
Faith in the Time of the Internet: Notes from a Workshop
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This issue completes the first year of the Centre’s Quarterly Magazine and we hope that you enjoy reading as much as we enjoy producing and publishing it! This year’s Internet Governance Forum in Berlin provided an opportunity to reflect on our policy field ‘Global Governance and the Internet’. The Centre’s co-director Jan Aart Scholte and his research group presented fresh results of an inquiry into the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).
We wish you a happy holidays and thank you for your
interest and support during this year.

Enjoy reading!

Sigrid Quack

(From the Editorial)