Dear Readers,

This issue of the Quarterly Magazine has a special focus on ‘Perspectives on the War in Ukraine’. While this devastating war literally at the doors of the European Union is of utmost concern to us all, is raises pertinent questions for research on global cooperation and especially international relations, peace and security studies. The Governance of Peacebuilding, one of the Centre’s policy fields, is thereby challenged and at the same time ever more in demand. Co-Director Tobias Debiel and Research Group Leader Patricia Rinck are the special editors of this issue, presenting four distinct perspectives on the current crisis. These contributions by Oksana Huss, Tamara Martsenyuk, Siddharth Tripathi and David Carment with Dani Belo provide insight and rare information beyond the headlines. An introduction to this Special Issue provides an overview.

With the current issue we also start a series that will give the Quarterly Magazine a stronger thematic focus. Each future issue will have a special, presenting either current research on one of the Centre’s thematic areas, dealing with ‘Global cooperation and diverse conceptions of world order’ and ‘Legitimation and delegitimation in global cooperation’, or one of the four global policy fields. Global governance of climate change and sustainability, migration and the Internet will thus be subjects of upcoming issues of this magazine. In this way, we aim to give readers a more thematically condensed picture of ongoing research at the KHK/GCR21in Duisburg.

As always, we are very grateful for stimulating contributions by our international fellows whom the KHK/GCR21 aims to provide space for free thought and cooperation across disciplinary boundaries. The bleak times we are living in remind us that this productive way of doing scholarship among groups and individuals from different background and with their different histories is not self-evident.

Finally, we provide additional information about events, new fellows and publications.

We wish you a good read and a relaxing summer!


Sigrid Quack
Managing Director

Sigrid Quack is the Managing Director of the Käte Hamburger Kolleg/Centre for Global Cooperation Research (KHK/GCR21) and Professor of Sociology at the University of Duisburg-Essen. She can be reached at quack@gcr21.uni-due.de.