Published since autumn 2022

What follows is a list of new publications of the Centre’s current and former fellows and staff as well as authors from our wider academic network. We publish an updated list and invite you to inform us about your recent contributions to the field of global cooperation research. The published list represents a selection of titles that we feel are substantive contributions to the field.

Aart Scholte, Jan (2023). ‘Civil Society and NGOs’, in Thomas G. Weiss and Rorden Wilkinson (eds), International Organization and Global Governance, London: Routledge, 378–392.

Awad, Sarah, Doerr, Nicole and Nissen, Anita (2022). ‘Far Right Boundary Construction Toward the "Other": Danish People's Party Visual Communication on Social Media’, British Journal of Sociology, 73(5): 985–1005. [Open Access]  

Beattie, Amanda and Bird, Gemma (2022). ‘Recognizing Everyday Youth Agency: Advocating for a Reflexive Practice in Everyday International Relations’, Global Studies Quarterly, 2(4): 1–10. [Open Access]

Bilgin, Pinar (2022). ‘The State and Security’, in Colin Hay, David Marsh and Michael Lister (eds), The State: Theories and Issues, 2nd ed., London: Bloomsbury, 207–222

Bird, Gemma (2022). Frontex, Pushbacks and the Failure to Protect the Right to Claim Asylum in Greece, Free Movement.

Bird, Gemma (2022). ‘Reflections From "the Field": The Activist and the Activist Scholar in Conversation’, Political Anthropological Research on International Social Sciences, 3(2): 114–167. [Open Access]

Bird, Gemma (2023). ‘You Mean the Prison?’: Displaced People on Samos, Social Europe. [Open Access]

Ekberg, Kristoffer, Forchtner, Bernhard, Hultman and Jylhä, Kirsti M. (2023). Climate Obstruction: How Denial, Delay and Inaction are Heating the Planet, Abingdon, Oxon/New York, NY: Routledge.

Hofius, Maren (2023). European Union Communities of Practice: Diplomacy and Boundary Work in Ukraine, Routledge Global Cooperation Series, Abingdon, Oxon/New York, NY: Routledge.

Larrea, Sara, Palència, Laia, Prandini Assis, Mariana and Borrell, Carme (2022). ‘Social Inequalities in Utilization of a Feminist Telehealth Abortion Service in Brazil: A Multilevel Analysis’, Frontiers in Reproductive Health, 4: 1040640. [Open Access]

Gonçalves, Eliane and Prandin Assis, Mariana (2022). ‘Reprodução social como trabalho e condição de existência: entrevista com Silvia Federic’, Sociedade e Cultura, 25: e74680. [Open Access]

Prandini Assis, Mariana and Erdman, Joanna N. (2022). ‘Abortion Rights Beyond the Medico-Legal Paradigm’, Global Public Health, 17(10): 2235–2250. [Open Access]

Prandini Assis, Mariana (2023). ‘Abortion Care in Times of Crisis: An Autonomous Feminist Model in Latin America and the Caribbean’, in Emma O'Dwyer and Luiz Gustavo Silva Souza (eds), Psychosocial Perspectives on Community Responses to COVID-19: Networks of Trust and Social Change, Abingdon, Oxon/New York, NY: Routledge.

Völz, Johannes (2022). ‘Histories of the Unsayable: Reinhart Koselleck’s Aesthetic Anthropology’, American Literary History, 34(4): 1456–1476.

Völz, Johannes (2023). Johannes Voelz on the Aesthetics of Populism, Podcast, The Review of Democracy Podcast, 20 March, Budapest: Central European University/CEU Democracy Institute. [Open Access]