Received since May 2021

What follows is a list of new publications of the Centre’s current and former fellows and staff as well as authors from our wider academic network. We publish an updated list and invite you to inform us about your recent contributions to the field of global cooperation research. The published list represents a selection of titles that we feel are substantive contributions to the field.


Abrahamsen, Rita and Bareebe, Gerald (2021). ‘Uganda's Fraudulent Election’, Journal of Democracy, 32(2): 90–104.

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Kluczewska, Karolina (2021). ‘Donor-Funded Women’s Empowerment in Tajikistan: Trajectories of Women’s NGOs and Changing Attitudes to the International Agenda’, Studies in Comparative International Development (online first). [Open Access] 

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Unrau, Christine (2021). ‘Alles Heuchler? Der Heucheleivorwurf in der Migrationsdebatte zwischen Erfahrung und Erzählung’, in Claudius Mandel and Philipp Thimm (eds), Experience: Implikationen für Mensch, Gesellschaft und Staat: Festschrift für Wolfgang Leidhold, Würzburg: Königshausen und Neumann.