Received since July 2021

What follows is a list of new publications of the Centre’s current and former fellows and staff as well as authors from our wider academic network. We publish an updated list and invite you to inform us about your recent contributions to the field of global cooperation research. The published list represents a selection of titles that we feel are substantive contributions to the field.

Aguerre, Carolina and Bustos Frati, Gonzalo (2021). ‘AI, Justice and Digital Transformation Policies in the Latin American Public Domain’, in CETyS (ed.), Readiness of the Judicial Sector for Artificial Intelligence in Latin America, San Andrés: Universidad de San Andrés, 2–27. [Open Access]

Aguerre, Carolina and Tarullo, Raquel (2021). ‘Unravelling Resistance: Data Activism Configurations in Latin American Civil Society’, Palabra Clave, 24(3): e2435. [Open Access]

Almedia, Bernardo, Cryan, Méabh and Gerken, Laura (2021). ‘Episode No. 3: A Discussion on Land Formalisation’, Luso-Scapes: A Podcast About Colonialism and Land Relations in the Portuguese-Speaking World, 3, Lusophone Land Legacies, 14.10.21. [Open Access]

Dellmuth, Lisa Maria, Scholte, Jan Aart, Tallberg, Jonas and Verhaegen, Soetkin (2021). ‘The Elite–Citizen Gap in International Organization Legitimacy’, American Political Science Review (online first). [Open Access]

Deloffre, Maryam Zarnegar (2021). ‘Metagovernance Norms and Polycentricity in Global Humanitarian Governance’, International Studies Review (online first): 9–12. [Open Access]

Dobusch, Leonhard, Hondros, Konstantin, Quack, Sigrid and Zangerle, Katharina (2021). ‘Between Anxiety and Hope? How Actors Experience Regulatory Uncertainty in Creative Processes in Music and Pharma’, in Elke Schuessler, Patrick Cohendet and Svejenova Silviya (eds), Organizing Creativity in the Innovation Journey, Research in the Sociology of Organizations, 75, Bingley: Emerald Publishing Limited, 137–160.

Gadinger, Frank (2021). ‘Polycentric Governance Through the Lens of Practice’, International Studies Review (online first): 12–15. [Open Access]

Heins, Volker M. (2021). ‘Mythos Redefreiheit: Toleranz und „No-Platforming“ in der vielstimmigen Demokratie’, WestEnd. Neue Zeitschrift für Sozialforschung, 18(1): 171–184.

Heins, Volker M. (2021). ‘The Plasticity of Our Fears: Affective Politics in the European Migration Crisis’, Society (online first). [Open Access]

Hui Xue, Janet (2021). ‘Algorithmic Vulnerability in Deploying Vaccination Certificates in the European Union and China’, European Journal of Risk Regulation, 12(2): 332–342. [Open Access]

Kluczewska, Karolina and Lottholz, Philipp (2021). ‘Recognizing the Never Quite Absent: De Facto Usage, Ethical Issues, and Application of Covert Research in Difficult Research Contexts’, Qualitative Research (online first). [Open Access]

Koinova, Maria (2021). ‘Informality in the Polycentric Governance of Transit Migration and Diaspora Engagement’, International Studies Review (online first): 18–21. [Open Access]

Koinova, Maria, Deloffre, Maryam Zarnegar, Gadinger, Frank, Şahin Mencütek, Zeynep, Scholte, Jan Aart and Steffek, Jens (2021) (eds). ‘It's Ordered Chaos: What Really Makes Polycentrism Work’, International Studies Review (online first). [Open Access]

Mahlert, Bettina (2021). ‘Addressing Parsons in Sociological Textbooks: Past Conflicts, Contemporary Readers, and their Future Gains’, The American Sociologist, 52: 88–106. [Open Access]

Mahlert, Bettina (2021). ‘Norms, Interests, and Desirable Futures: Exploring Contemporary Political Upheavals Through the Voluntaristic Theory of Action’, in A. Javier Treviño and Helmut Staubmann (eds), Routledge International Handbook of Talcott Parsons Studies, Abingdon, Oxon/New York, NY: Routledge.

Şahin Mencütek, Zeynep (2021). ‘Governing Practices and Strategic Narratives for the Syrian Refugee Returns’, Journal of Refugee Studies, 34(3): 2804–2826. [Open Access]

Şahin Mencütek, Zeynep (2021). ‘Techniques in the Polycentric Governing of Irregular Migration’, International Studies Review (online first): 15–18. [Open Access]

Scholte, Jan Aart (2021). ‘Structuring Polycentrism: Norms, Practices and Underlying Orders in Internet Governance’, International Studies Review (online first): 21–26. [Open Access]

Shen, Ying, Meng, Samuel and Siriwardana, Mahinda (2021). ‘The Impact of a National Carbon Price on China’, Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy, 26(4): 601–618.

Shim, David (2021). ‘Memorials’ Politics: Exploring the Material Rhetoric of the Statue of Peace’, Memory Studies (online first). [Open Access]

Shim, David, Bleiker, Roland and Chapman, David (2021). ‘Visualising Korea: Critical Moments in History, Society and Politics’, Asian Studies Review, 45(3): 374–380. [Open Access]

Shim, David and Stengel, Frank A. (2021). ‘Militarizing Antimilitarism? Exploring the Gendered Representation of Military Service in German Recruitment Videos on Social Media’, International Feminist Journal of Politics (online first). [Open Access]

Steffek, Jens (2021). International Organization as Technocratic Utopia,  Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Steffek, Jens (2021). ‘Polycentric Governance and the Diffuse Power of Norms: The Case of Standardization’, International Studies Review (online first): 6–8. [Open Access]

Werner, Wouter G. (2021). ‘Argumentation Through Law: An Analysis of Decisions of the African Union’, in Ian Johnstone and Steven R. Ratner (eds), Talking International Law: Legal Argumentation Outside the Courtroom,Oxford: Oxford University Press, 203–217.