A Multi-Disciplinary Mosaic: Reflections on Global Cooperation and Migration

Markus Böckenförde, Nadja Krupke, and Philipp Michaelis (eds.)

Global Dialogues 13, Duisburg 2016

DOI: 10.14282/2198-0403-GD-13


This issue of 'Global Dialogues' brings together the reflections of a group of twenty-four scholars on the broader theme of Global Cooperation and Migration. The contributions cover main topics and questions, ranging from the migration, transmission and reception of norms, over specific images of different religions and cultures and the knowledge about intercultural differences in behaviour, to the vertical migration of ideas and concepts and the global-local relationship. Simultaneously, they address also more unapparent aspects, such as the 'entextualization' of documents and reports in multilateral negotiations, the migration of experiments in behavioural research, hybrid forms of multilateralism, the humanitarian/developmental connection between migration and cooperation or the critical contestation of the 'imperial migrant' and the 'development migrant'.

With this multi-disciplinary mosaic, the authors encourage us to adopt a disctinct view on the relationship of global cooperation and migration and to reflect current challenges, such as the refugee crisis and internal migration, the migration of terrorism, but also the migration of experts or even business models, from a critical perspective. We hope these reflections by our 2015 Fellows on the theme of Global Cooperation and Migration will prove a thought-provoking and entertaining read.

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